Perky Tweets – Jan 10, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsRavindra Jadeja and all those who were sold off in the IPL Auction will be happy today. Saurav ‘Dada‘ Ganguly was left out. Should emotions come in between or it just makes perfect business sense to leave Dada out? This is one of the hot topics that will be debated this week. To start this week in an awesome way, read the #perkytweets.

The IPL proving yet again that people with loads of money aren’t necessarily the most smart ones around.

What Amitabh Bachan brought to Hindi Cinema, Sreesanth brings to Cricket – the persona of the Angry Young Man!

People who are willing to die for their religion should immediately do so, so that the rest can move on.

@krishashok Abhishek and Aishwarya could be called Abaswarya.

First year →:D Second Year →:) Third Year→:-/ Fourth Year→:| #reactions

I have three wisdome teeth. Pretty much explains my handle. #getit

I dropped the idea of Photoshop(ing) Ra-One poster as i had to go through a lot of Gay material while editing it!! 😛

#fakingnews Aamir Khan planning to form team of all unsold IPL players, tentatively called Lagaan Fighters.

Ladies first. And Junior Mallaya goes first.

Sibal u are are true Indian . U know the importance of ZERO :(‘

I said Tat Shweta tiwari will win and she has won bb4. This is why i m KRK whatever i say that always happens

What did the english cricketers tell their family members before leaving for australia? Ans- chalo ‘ASH’ karein! #perkytweets

They way in which frauds are happening in India 400 Cr seems to be the stipulated minimum limit

Ashwin is like the Cauvery. Major fight between Bangalore & Chennai. #IPLauction

Indian Railways turnaround was B-School study, now will its near bankruptcy be C-School study C=Corruption?#perkytweets

My only ambition in life now is to have Ravindra Jadeja’s luck.

Vendor smses to ask ‘r u cuming to photofair? please call if u cum’ :\ lahaul vilakuat #fb

C’mon Saurav. Take that shirt off and show everyone the finger. #DadaNotSold

The “Verified” checkmark on someone’s profile is usually an indication that you’re about to read some boring-ass tweets.#PerkyTweets

Why is the alphabet still taught as ABC? They should teach kids their QWERTYs. #haina?

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