BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 8, ‘11

Spicy SaturdayAs we are writing this, the cricket players are being auctioned. 🙂 Record sum of amount is being spent and stakes are being increased every year. Talking about stakes, Congress has lot at stake this year as it tackles inflation, scams and more. Let us deviate from all this and read something which is going on in a common man’s life. This comes direct from the Indian bloggers

  • Who : Vivek Patwardhan
    What : Niira Ki Jabaani!
    Spicy : Vivek’s parrot Lulu has turned into a singer & lyricist! He’s singing Sheila ki Jawani but with some alterations. Just imagine Nira Radia singing this song with regard to the CBI raids and you’ll get Nira ki Jabaani! This one is even better than the original. Read on!

  • Who : Bharath
    What : Dissenting Voices
    Spicy: Light humor, subtle romance, grave problems (really? :P) and huge anger towards the administration. A regular scene but written very beautifully with the right pick of words & suspense. A sure read. We smiled reading it & hope you too!

  • Who : Purba Ray
    What : Does Size really matter?
    Spicy : One of our Notable Newbies, Purba Ray, has started a very important topic to think upon. Does size really matter? And no, we are not talking about the obvious ‘thing’ that came in your mind. We are talking about our brain which is shrinking in size. Purba has taken some case studies to show how thinking of people in power has gone to dogs! Let her know your views!

  • Who : Sudatta Mukherjee
    What : Is Bengal Politically Updated?
    Spicy : Sudatta in this post talks about the political scenario in Bengal. Also how citizens are more interested in making the party they support, to win. And not think about whether are the worthy enough to take responsibility of Bengal citizens. Read her post and contribute your views.

  • Who : Prasad
    What : The Citi has been Sleeping
    Spicy : Prasad has a very informing and alarming post on how you should be careful when signing any important papers related to money, bank accounts, etc. He got saved. Read ahead what happened and don’t miss the second part which is due to come soon.

  • Who : Tharini
    What : Morning joy…
    Spicy : Tharini is remembering the old days when she was little and used to shout out to her mom for milk. And now the history is repeating itself with her son doing the same with her! A very heart warming post. Read on!

  • Who : Nickolai Kinny
    What : Urban dictionary & Twitterati !
    Spicy : Nickolai Kinny has compiled a list of Twitterati’s! She gets reminded of these Twitterati’s by some phrases & words. Nickolai is penning down those names. Go and check if you are there and remind her if she has forgotten you!

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