Perky Tweets – Dec 20, ’10

BlogAdda's perky Tweets‘”Now I can die in peace,” said Centurion test, after witnessing Sachin’s 50th test century. tweeted @fakingnews yesterday. Did you also know that Gods and Don Bradman were watching him from the heaven and gave him a standing ovation? Whatay player! SRT would be smiling even more once he reads the #perkytweets. Who are the lucky ones this week? Read on…

heh! SRT50 sounds more like a Ford with a bad chassis..

#DaysThatShouldBeCelebrated Anil Kapoor day. The day when you show off your chest hair and gift a pen to your daughter.

@Manoj100 come on… Deepika in shorts… Lara in Pink lingerie, puppa to zaroor jag jaata 😛

Mama mia’s Hindi is the like Verbal Terrorism. Daal-chawal-roti drowned in Mayonnaise sauce

Discovered a way to kill boredom, wont share it because the method is too boring itself.

can mohanlal fans start a ‘major ravi retirement fund’? can’t even sit through trailers of Kandahar! #mallu

Rahul Gandhi spends 20mins looking at orange juice box because it said ‘Concentrate’

Can I get a large Smirnoff ? Waiter: ehh? Oye behen de takke simran off de oye #BarConversations

Every god fearing Bengali chants ‘Joy Kallis’ b4 sitting dn 2 watch d telecast of a cricket match involving SA n India.

Mark Zuckerberg is Time’s person of the year. Rahul Gandhi gets the son of the year award.

Veena to Aishmit – “My name is Veena .. Veena ki jawani .. i wash chaddis for u .. mai tere haath hi aani “

Ideally, ‘Toonpur ka Superhero’ should have starred Digvijay Singh.

I support Rahul Gandhi. We should convince US that Hindu terrorism is bigger threat and get billions of dollars in aid

For “Company”, u need to go to a DVD library & not #FB. #PerkyTweets@sukhkarni: Facebook is all about so many friends and yet no Company :/

Universal IT Solution: Windows Problem? Reboot! Unix Problem? Be Root! #perkytweets

Times when God feels ashamed -#DollyBindra wearing a ‘Being Human’ T-shirt. #perkytweets #BB4

If u r not happy wit ur wife , just think of dolly bindra and a change of opinion will happen #perkytweets

When I see mutual pimping it makes me imagine things in numbers. Number 69 to be precise ! #perkytweets

“Aap ka call Qatar mein hain?” But I am calling a local number.#perkytweets

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