BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Dec. 18, ‘10

Spicy SaturdayWhat a week that was. We are approaching the Christmas week and will soon enter into the New Year. It looks a very interesting year ahead for everyone and especially for Indian Bloggers as we have lots of excitingness lined up for you. For now let us make your weekend a special one by serving you the best of the Indian Blogs for you to read.

  • Who : Saiyona
    What : It snowed to let me know
    Spicy : Something happened in Saiyona’s life and her world changed! Love happened to her! 🙂 A love-struck person utters all beautiful words and memories. So here is one by Saiyona. Read on to know about her love life!

  • Who : Lakshmi
    What : Double Chain Stitch: Saree
    Spicy: Lakshmi writes a blog on embroidery and this post talks about an embroidery of double chain stitch on a saree! She has also suggested a book which talks about embroidery. A very beautiful saree and very neat embroidery is in this blog. So don’t miss this art!

  • Who : Sudipta Bhawmik
    What : To Criticize or Not to Criticize, That is a Question!
    Spicy: Criticism is one thing which pricks everyone but also helps you grow at the same time. However, how should one differentiate between criticizing & giving opinion? Or rather how does one qualify for being a critique? Give your views to Sudipta in this post!

  • Who : Vibhuti
    What : The strange appearance
    Spicy : You are alone at your home & a stranger is standing at your door. What would you do when he suddenly disappears in thin air? Something similar happened with Laila. What happened next? Read Vibhuti’s post to know more.

  • Who : R’s Mom
    What : Women’s Mindsets
    Spicy : This post written by R’s mom point out on women mindsets in the society. Many small things which gets unnoticed by us but actually are a little weird! R’s mom luckily has a nice husband who is adjusting enough so she escapes the weird moments and thoughts! Read her post to know more! Thank you IHM for this. 🙂

  • Who : Smita
    What : From the eyes of a Couch Potato…
    Spicy : Overacting by Akshay in Masterchef, repeated ‘rapid fire’ questions in Koffee With Karan, news from eye witness who was 3 kms away from the happened incident…is all what is doing the rounds on TV! Read Smita aka couch potato, for a while, post!

  • Who : Sadiya Merchant
    What : Shining clean muskaan
    Spicy : Sadiya’s post is all about toothbrushes, toothpastes & all those weird ads of it on TV. We have seen the most ridiculously creative ads, now read Sadiya’s comments on those!

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