BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 30 ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksChemist shop at PGI, Chandigarh goes for Rs. 42 lacs/month rent! Whoa! That is some news. Do you also know that ‘China funded Indian team to win water polo gold‘? A lot of interesting things happening around us to divert our attention from the now infamous Radia tapes. Indian Bloggers are doing their bit. Read some amazing hand picked blog posts in our Tangy Tuesday Picks.

  • Who : Bikramjit Singh Mann
    What :Farmers of our nation: Punjab mera punjab
    Tangy : Bikramjit is narrating us the sad state of affairs of the farmers in our nation, particularly Punjab. He also puts forth a song written byBabbu Maan and informs us about the difficulties a farmer goes through because he himself has been there and done it all. Must read!

  • Who : Manu Nigam
    What :A to Z by Preity Zinta
    Tangy : Manu has found his treasure! An A-Z by Preity Zinta. Though she ate up some words from there :P. Learn the new A-Z of life through Preity’s words!

  • Who : Keerthi P
    What : The woman’s touch
    Tangy :’You have changed!’ results in the outcome of many memories to prove ‘No I haven’t!’. Keerthi has proved the latter to Vandana by this post to say that she remembers every single girlfriend of her life. Read this post to know the woman’s touch.

  • Who : Perfectionist
    What : A child and a question
    Tangy :The heart is the believer of Him while mind is stubborn being an atheist. An argument between the both is taking place inside Perfectionist. Answer his question is his very first post! Welcome Perfectionist to the world of blogging! 🙂

  • Who : #as#
    What : Lets forget about 26/11
    Tangy :Hashir is asking everyone to back their warning words with some action. The speeches by politicians should have an executed action to it which is useful to the citizens. And if not then let the speeches remain on papers only. Go and capture his thoughts!

  • Who : Nimisha
    What : I am my daddy’s girl. 😀
    Tangy :This post will probably would be one of the answers to ‘What Women Want‘. A girl wants unconditional love from her partner like she receives from her father! Are you in agreement with her? Let Nimisha know your views!

  • Who : Youth Ki Awaaz
    What : Why Is Your Social ‘Status’ So Important?
    Tangy :The youth ‘janta‘ of today, easily mixes up their social networking life with their real life. Every little thing goes up on their status. Is it so important or just a way to seek more attention & comments? Navigate this way to read more on this!

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