BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Nov. 9, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksMaharashtra will soon have a new CM and Obama will back India’s bid for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council. Next in line would be Mr Kalmadi. Hope people still remember the #CWG fiasco and have not forgotten it. Justice delayed is Justice denied but does the Indian Judiciary believe that? Let us now read what the Indian Bloggers have to say about their thoughts. Read on…

  • Who : IndianHomemaker
    What : Dying statements of vengeful women settling scores by attempting suicide.
    Tangy : We are happy to have you back at our Adda! πŸ˜€ Indian Homemaker has raised an important subject which missed most of our eyes. Is suicide the only way to escape from everything? Be it student suicides, farmer suicides or the housewives suicide. Check this post for an eye opening read! (Do read her interview)

  • Who : Magali C
    What : Is Democracy a Farce?
    Tangy : Magali has got us thinking with a question at the end of her post, is India a free country? What do you think? What are your views about about Democracy and Freedom? Let Magali know.

  • Who : Beyond Horizon
    Tangy : This blogger has beautifully packed in all the emotions, a to-be-mother carries with her baby and the strong will and courage she has to face the hurdles her child goes through later. This poem is a must read for all!

  • Who : Megha
    What : His & Hers (II)
    Tangy : Megha has written a lovely post on a love triangle! The way she has written, each and every sequence from the girl’s and the boy’s point of view, is indeed commendable. She plans to make a series of the same and we are looking forward to reading it.

  • Who : Harsh
    What : A Parrot’s β€œTale”
    Tangy : Awww! Harsh, your parrot is really adorable! Readers, this is a must read post and the video is also a must watch. Seems like the parrot is a real fighter! πŸ˜› Harsh shares an amazing story of ‘How he met his parrot!’. Read on.

  • Who : Pawan Maruvada
    What : Celebrations
    Tangy : In a ritual and holy place like India, rapes & eve-teasing is nothing new. We hear them every now and then. But ever heard a father doing the same to his own daughter? After such stories occurring, do we still want to go ga-ga about our traditions and values? Read this breath taking post based on a true story!

  • Who : Always Happy
    What : Did I just hear you say our colleague is handing in her resignation??
    Tangy : Everybody likes a little bit of gossip. Even guys do it and it’s not just a label for girls! Period. This blogger got an opportunity to listen to her colleagues’ gossip and we sincerely hope that those colleagues don’t read this blog post πŸ˜› Read on!

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