BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 12, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksDo you know why doesn’t Rajnikanth play Cricket? Guess Guess? The answer is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar! He has just scored another double century. πŸ™‚ Also another very interesting fact is that SRT has used the same bat for the last 13 centuries. Now we know the Secret. πŸ™‚ In other news, 8 women who are mothers have won gold in this Commonwealth Games! Proud of them. There are some amazing Indian bloggers who have joined this noble cause. Join the cause with us and help us spread awareness about Breast Cancer.

  • Who : Anouradha Bakshi
    What : Salute them we must
    Tangy : Anouradha dedicates this blog post to all the unseen heroes who have actually made the Common Wealth Games a success. Read her blog to discover those heroes.

  • Who : Restless
    What : Don’t Be Shy – Know Your Breasts
    Tangy : Restless has bought up some points which usually miss our eye and become the root cause of this dreaded disease. Women should not feel shy and should know their breasts and their body as a whole. Don’t fall for superstitions and old traditions which will affect your health later. She also intelligently points out that you should gift your aunt, your mother or may be yourself a MAMMOGRAM (The test to detect breast cancer). She has also listed the risks, symptoms and other such information on breast cancer.

  • Who : Jithu
    What : Did they take the stick of vengeance in hand?
    Tangy : Jithu has successfully, using his creative mind, penned down a story of a woman ailing with breast cancer into a poem. A rather unusual yet effective approach to bring up breast cancer awareness.

  • Who : Corinne Rodrigues
    What : Leaving The Baggage Behind
    Tangy : Like everyone of us, Corrine too was juggling between past and the present. With he baggage of the past no one can live happily in their present and eventually future. She rightly tells us how we should leave the excess baggage of past and live in the present to make a great future. And as Anthony D’mello’s teachings say, ‘The past is to be dropped not because it is bad but because it is dead‘.

  • Who : Sudatta
    What : Canvas of Life
    Tangy : Like children believe in fairy tales we also somewhere down the line wish that life was a fairy tale or a dream, and a dream which will always come true. Sudatta too thinks like that and she has written a poem which is on painting on canvas and wishing it to come to life.

  • Who : Prachi
    What : October Fetish!
    Tangy : Prachi has shared some pictures of some vintage stuff which looks as classy as ever. More specifically, she has shown us how books can be added to our home decor rather than just keeping it in bookshelves. See her blog to know how interestingly she has shown it in her pictures.

  • Who : Minal
    What : Swiss Chronicles – Interlaken
    Tangy : This blogger has shared with us her ‘Swiss Chronicles’. She tells us her experience in Switzerland and has provided some great pictures of various locations she visited. Read on to find more.

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  1. Thanks a ton Blogadda for picking up my post on Breast Cancer Awareness!

    This is an amazing medium to reach out to a huge audience.

    Congrats to all!


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