BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep 7, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksBanks are on strike, Autos and Taxis are on strike. Some were saying about an all India Bandh happening. Has this become a part and parcel of life? Are we using our freedom and democracy in the right way? Indian bloggers are using their freedom in the right way by writing some wonderful posts as always. Here are this week’s best blog picks.

  • Who : Manjunath Gopadi
    What : Monkey story – Every story
    Tangy : We start with a post where pictures tell us a story. Manjunath has this post where every picture tells us something. A sure read.

  • Who : 7-aTe-9
    What : It’s you that I fall for….
    Tangy : A brilliantly expressed post which is soooo soo romantic. πŸ™‚ We wish you both a very happy anniversary and may this love last on forever and ever. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Di
    What : Learnings from the future
    Tangy : We all learn from the past but this is something different. You have to read this post by Di to find out what is so different. πŸ™‚

  • Who : The Print Lover
    What : Did you finish your lunch today?
    Tangy : We love the honesty in this post. Remember the days when you were not able to finish your lunch box. What do you used to do? This post will take you back in your memories.

  • Who : Priya
    What : Wayanad: clean, friendly and breathtakingly beautiful (Part 1)
    Tangy : Kerala is known as God’s own country and Wayanad is one the most beautiful places in Kerala. Priya has this post on her vacation to Wayanad. Check out the pictures.

  • Who : Usha
    What : Job Description: Teacher. What’s that, you say?
    Tangy : Mata, Pita, GURU, Dev! Guru or the teacher occupies a very important position in our life. Usha has this post on the importance of teachers which makes it a sure read.

  • Who : Preeti Shenoy
    What : A tribute to one of the coolest people I have known
    Tangy : An apt tribute from a daughter to her dad. He would be happy to see where you are Preeti today and we are sure he would be feeling proud too.

Send in your suggestions for our Tangy Tuesday & Spicy Saturday picks on Twitter @blogadda or using our contact form. If selected, you’ll be credited for it and the readers will get a chance to read something worthy. Keep checking to win something! πŸ™‚

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