Perky Tweets – Sep 6, ’10

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThere are reports that there will be a sequel to the Hindi film, Guru. Interesting indeed. πŸ™‚ What could be the story of the sequel? Will it be about the warring brothers or will it be on the reasons they separated? πŸ™‚ We will find out. In the other news, our Partners for the #perkytweets tee shirt, have now close too 100 lakhs books with them. πŸ™‚ Way to go guys.

Happy Seagram’s day. Happy Black Label day. Happy Blue Label day. And ya Happy Teacher’s day too! #Perkytweets

I was confused between an iPhone and Blackberry, so I bought Micromax. #perkytweets

The biggest match-fixing scandal occurred just recently b/w Sania and Shoaib and ICC didn’t even bother about it #perkytweets

Radhakrishnan’s B’Day is Teacher’s Day. Abdul Kalam’s B’day Ought to be Science Day. Kalamadi? Yay! “Corruption Day” #PerkyTweets

I know m gonna be so bored at my own wedding, that I’ll be live tweeting about how bored I am at my own wedding.

@jhunjhunwala love has no barriers! but if love had to have one barrier…let it be #durex #perkytweets

Why did SRK throw so many letter’s into her room thru window? kya Uske Airtel mobile mey balance khatam tha? #perkytweets

When you have a capable forward shortleg, you don’t need a long leg or a 3rd man for backup. #perkytweets #notjustcricket

Got a phone message at 2 AM: “I know it is pretty late. I don’t want to wake you up. I’ll call tomorrow.”

Saw ‘We are a Family’ today. Liked the burger during intermission. ……………

People who have not suffered constipation would only curse others as assholes.

what is missing in the CWG anthem song? i heard the entire song & the word “corruption” was missing #CWG #perkytweets

Dada (Ganguly) says he was never approached by any bookie. Was he saying this with pain n anguish? #perkytweets

Destiny may decide who touches ur heart but vodka decides who touches ur body #perkytweets

Why couldn’t Rahman make a Daarling tere liye kinda song for #CWG ? Imagine what it could have done for Kalmadi & co. Tch. #perkytweets

No one could imagine that money could be made on no balls until the Pak players showed us #perkytweets

What did Sunanda tell Shashi Tharoor on honeymoon night? A: Push-Kar #perkytweets

Sonia Ji, Rajiv Ji, Advani Ji, Behen Ji. In Indian politics, 2 get ahead, u must know how to deal with the Ji Spot

Airlines are banning Blackberry executives.They have earned too many frequent flyers gifts #Perkytweets

if cricket is a religion, then sachin is God. Asif,Aamir and Butt are the devils! #perkytweets

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