Perky Tweets – Jul 12, ’10

BlogAdda's perky TweetsIt was Spain all the way yesterday. What a wonderful match and what a wonderful exhibition of togetherness which was exhibited yesterday in the world cup. Africa as a continent was portrayed as one! We have the Common Wealth games coming up. Will we see something similar there? Will it be as happening as the World Cup? Let us wait and watch.

Talking about the latest happenings, #perkytweets is supposedly one of the reasons that you are often seeing the #fail whale. πŸ™‚ It seems twitter servers are not able to handle the flood of #perkytweets. Read and know why.

The fact that I’ve been pregnant during all major family weddings is a big fat warning that I need to stop reproducing.

@Lord_Ram Prabhu will you participate in the upcoming Delhi Commonwealth Archery event

The only keeper who has recently let something pass between his legs is MS dhoni.

Referee efficiently giving everyone cards. Nandan Nilekani observes keenly.

Interesting if Raavan played football. He would have been useful when it came to corner kicks.

If Spain win, Paul will gladly show his middle tentacle to the world. #worldcup

Hey My Dog is saying that both teams are surely going play today ROFL………. πŸ˜€

The #worldcup fiesta ends with a goal by Iniesta. God does write the script perfectly with rhyming words πŸ™‚

Wondering..does Pulpo-the Paul sits on the team which will win or it sits on which ever team…it wins..

I feel that soon the Referee would start calling me at odd hours to offer cards with no Annual fee

what does Paul,the celebrity animal remind us about? Celebrities are animals too :p

A fruit-bearing tree is known by its flowers/seeds….Hindi mein-‘Main tumhare bachhe ki maan banne wali hoon’

Surveys are always helpful ONLY if you read them! ………………………………………………….

Definition | Committee: A body that keeps minutes and wastes hours. #perkytweets

What does Paul the Psychic Octopus really like to have for lunch? Kentucky Freud Chicken

A recently fired stock trader said…”This is worse than divorce” I hav lost everything and I still hav my wife…”

No Messi No Kaka, Phir Bhi I’ll do Waka Waka, Bas this time for AfriKka! #worldcup

Man teasingly 2 hs wife: Darlin, Sud I watch porn or Cricket? Wife: 4 Gods sake, Watch PORN! u knw hw 2 ply Cricket @nattysingh

It’s not like i don’t have a funny bone. It just got fractured. ……………………..

Will hitting Ctrl + Z many times uninstall Windows ??? #JustAsking ……………….

Definition of WOMAN: Some1 who talks 4 hours while standing at d door, bt will not sit because she is getting late. @bitchwanti

Octopus Paul is loving the media attention, sings, “Paul bhar ke liye koi hame pyaar kar le..jhootha hi sahi”

What do John the Baptist and Winnie the Pooh have in common? They have the same middle name!

Q: What’s the difference between Brazil and a Tea bag ? A: The latter stays in the cup, longer. πŸ™‚

written on the back of a tempo: “bada hoke main truck banunga” .…………………………………………

Govinda now wants to use the WC Octopus to choose his next film… The Octopus is contemplating suicide instead

Are credit rating analysts always Moody or they just have a Poor emotional quotient?

When two Couples come face to face, girlfiends look at each other’s dresses & boyfriends look at each other’s girlfriends

those who marry a pretty gal … end up getting too many maternal uncles for their children.

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