BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun 29, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe Aam Aadmi quotes ‘I don’t see any progress in India’ after the price rise. Day to day living is just getting more expensive and the common man is feeling the pinch. Fuel Prices will rise, commodity costs will rise and the Indian Bloggers will also rise with some amazing blogposts week after week. Here are this week’s ‘Tangy Tuesday’ Picks.

  • Who : Freak’s Paradise
    What : Hindi Cinema : 10 Years… 10 Films
    Tangy : A looong post awaits us as we go back to the decade. 10 years and 10 films which Freak’s paradise wants his grandchildren to watch. We are sure many of your favorites would be there as well. Do let him know your thoughts. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Kartik Dayanand
    What : Raavan: Rocket Science Explained!
    Tangy : As Kartik rightly says, people had contrasting views about Raavan. Here is one post which can make you think about what Raavan movie truly is and how Maniratnam visualized it. A must read.

  • Who : Danish Bagdadi
    What : The Super Sixteen – The Best 16 Football Movies
    Tangy : It is the season of football and the world cup and this is the right time to watch the football movies. Danish has listed the 16 best football movies which you can watch and get inspired. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Daniel D’Mello
    What : Bike Travel vs Car Travel
    Tangy : It is the season of Monsoons and we are sure many of you must be planning to go for weekend outings. Daniel has this very informative post where he compared Bike Travel vs Car Travel! What do you prefer and why? Let Daniel know.

  • Who : Supreet
    What : What If I Get Married To A Foreigner?
    Tangy : Supreet, such thoughts should not come into your mind. πŸ˜› What happens when they come? They result in a post. πŸ™‚ Pay particular attention to point #6. A post intended to make you smile.

  • Who : Punam
    What : The Bride’s Betrayal
    Tangy : A very well written short story from Punam makes it into our weekly picks. Punam, we want more such stories from you.

  • Who : Laxmi Gopa
    What : Good Mourning…Goodbye
    Tangy : A brilliant emotion filled post by Laxmi. Laxmi, all we have to say after reading your post is that different persons have different emotions and you need to live with your way. We loved your post and are sure that the community would do so too.

Our ‘What Women Want‘ contest has received some awesome entries. You have few hours left to submit yours. Do it now! Do not forget to watch the awesome video interview with Mark Hillary.

Send in your suggestions for our Tangy Tuesday & Spicy Saturday picks on Twitter @blogadda or using our contact form. If selected, you’ll be credited for it and the readers will get a chance to read something worthy. Keep checking to win something! πŸ™‚

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