BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 24, ’10

Spicy SaturdayThe weather is hot and humid outside. Are you tired of reading about IPL over the past few days? Want to relax in your room with AC ON, sipping hot tea and looking to read some good posts, leave it to us. We are here with this week’s edition of ‘Spicy Saturday Picks’. A mixture of top posts from the Indian Blogosphere for you to read. Read on and have a great weekend!

  • Who : Prasant Naidu
    What : Angle One & Two
    Spicy : Prasant Naidu presents two different situations as conversations and wishes that we should learn to appreciate more rather than complaining most of the times. Do read the post and let him know to which ‘angle’ you belong to. Thanks Smita for the tip.

  • Who : Giribala Joshi
    What : Bin Laden in Love
    Spicy : Giribala in this super post tells about the story of Bin Laden falling in Love with Arundhati Roy. How? Surprised? Go ahead and read the post. Make sure you comment and let her know your views.

  • Who : Rohini
    What : An End of Something
    Spicy : How do you behave when you see/feel an end of something? Readers will have different perspectives while reading this must-read post by Rohini. The end though reveals ‘the end’.

  • Who : Kalpesh Thavrani
    What : Oye Hari… Hari Oye
    Spicy : Kalpesh Thavrani tries to recreate the story from the chawl of Junagadh – the story of Harikant Masa, who believes in making his dear ones more happy than practicing honesty. Do you agree? Thank You Amrita for the tip.

  • Who : Anil Kant
    What : ????? ???? ???? ?? ???? ??? ? (How will I get married?)
    Spicy : Anil Kant in this post in Hindi talks about his story of getting married. Following his elder’s advice that you’ll get married once you finish studies, he realised that wasn’t exactly the truth. Read the post to find out more. Girls, if you have a different opinion, do let him know. 🙂 Thank You Manorma for the tip.

  • Who : Vivek Singh
    What : Black and White
    Spicy : Vivek Singh in his post ‘Black and White’ talks about the so-called ‘black money’ in IPL in the form of a story. Very descriptive and sure signs of Vivek writing a book in the near future. Read his post and let him know your thoughts.

Hope you have enjoyed the picks. Tomorrow is the finals for IPL 3 – you can follow our special dashboard for IPL for all the action. You have a chance to win Nishant Kaushik’s book ‘Romance with Chaos’. Read his interview and have conversations with him to win the book. Have a great weekend!

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