BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 20, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe heat accompanied by humidity in April is killing. What would be plight of people in rural areas of India who face up to 7 hours of power cut daily? By 2012, the power minister has promised no power cuts. Do you think it will be possible? There are many other issues being discussed by the Indian Blogging community and we have the best out of them right here in the ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’.

  • Who : Maami
    What : The Third Eye
    Tangy : “There’s nowhere to run, honey. There’s an eye watching you”. Maami watched LSD and writes about her experience. Do you feel we are being watched all the time? What about the activities we do online? Ain’t that public most of the times? A must read.

  • Who : Vithya
    What : A Tiny Lens in a Machine
    Tangy : An interesting way of describing through a poem. Do read and enjoy. And as Vithya says, “I know some of you a little, even though I’m unseen.”

  • Who : Sreedevi Jayaprakash
    What : Time Out for Tharoor
    Tangy : Sreedevi starts her post with ‘It’s the age of everything instant: quick, exciting, entertaining’ and she is absolutely right. She recounts what all happened in IPL 3 and the recent controversy, where Tharoor resigned.

  • Who : The Mad Momma
    What : The big school saga
    Tangy : First hand experience on problems faced for school admissions in New Delhi. A long post but worth reading. Do share your experience with the mad momma and with us if you have faced similar problems.

  • Who : Suruchi Arora
    What : The Shackles of the ‘Modern’ Woman!
    Tangy : “Despite all the calm that appears on the surface…there’s hardly a woman who does not have a storm hidden below!”, says Suruchi and writes about three different stories about The Nervous Wreck, The Lost Wife and The mother-in-waiting! Do read and participate in the discussion.

  • Who : Fat Chic Goes Slim
    What : Do You Still Have An Excuse??
    Tangy : For all those who have an excuse for not taking a walk or exercising, this is a must read post. She talks about how she got inspired after reading a news story and decided that there can be no more excuses!

  • Who : Shilpa
    What : 360 degree Fukuoka – Travel Special
    Tangy : Shilpa likes everything about Fukuoka, the most populated city in the Kyushu island of Japan, except her office! 🙂 – She takes you along with her travel special on 360 degree Fukuoka.

Don’t miss the interview with Jai Arjun Singh, if you haven’t read it as yet.

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