BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 17, ’10

Spicy SaturdayThe IPL has entered the last round of league matches. Permutations and combinations are being worked out. Who do you think will be the final four? Will your favorites be among the final four? All this will be known by this weekend. An exciting weekend lies ahead. We would like to make it more exciting for you by serving you the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere. Here is something spicy for you. (Ed: You can’t afford to miss any of the 8 gems picked today for you.)

  • Who : Krish Ashok
    What : S Meenakshi (1917-2010)
    Spicy : Krish Ashok’s blog posts are always fun to read and normally well researched with lot of graphs and pictures. This is one post where you will get a glimpse of the sensitive side of Krish Ashok. A brilliant post and S Meenakshi is a lady we would have loved to meet. (Ed: Check out his interview)

  • Who : The Restless Quill
    What : Stop calling it “eve teasing”. You are being molested, not teased.
    Spicy : This post is a MUST read for everyone and especially women who travel to their workplaces. A hard hitting post that has already attracted lot of discussions. Make sure you read the comments on this post as well.

  • Who : Anuja Rathi
    What : Being a Woman
    Spicy : Let me tell you first and foremost, being a woman ain’t easy… is how Anuja starts this post. πŸ™‚ Anuja in her post talks about her expectations. Guys, here is a chance to know what goes on in a woman’s mind. Read it now.

  • Who : Sumit
    What : Crimson Moon
    Spicy : They made a lovely couple, huddled together in the cold winter night on the last seat in the old decrepit bus… This is how the post starts by Sumit. A story which is intriguing, holds on to your seat and is filled with true emotions. An awesome read for sure.

  • Who : Darshit
    What : Why do I like South Indian films?
    Spicy : Movies like Pokiri, Ram, Alaipayuthe and more have been remade as Bollywood movies. What is it in South Indian Movies that has forced Bollywood to remake it? Darshit has this post with the answers and his thoughts.

  • Who : Vibhuti
    What : Howdy Pardner?
    Spicy : ‘This is a letter from me to my hubby who thinks I’m nowadays wasting a lot of time farming on Farmville!’ says Vibhuti. Do we need to say more? A post filled with honest humour. πŸ˜› Vibhuti, may you become a wealthy farmer and own more tractors and harvesters. πŸ˜€

  • Who : Deepak Gopalakrishnan
    What : THE #bloglike SERIES, PART ONE
    Spicy : Do you want to read the likes of Anand Ramachandran, Tony Sebastian, Faking News and Shenoyn in a single post? Deepak has this awesome fantablous post where he blogs like all the one’s mentioned. A must must read post.

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  1. WOW! This is my first time at being picked up as Blog Adda’s Spicy Saturday pick! Thanks a ton for this..and I really hope all have as much fun reading my story as much as I have playing FV..:D..Yes! Go on laugh at my addiction..

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