BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 23, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksDid you know that India is the only country which has never invaded another country! Did you also know that Europeans got the knowledge of Geometry from Indians! Also we have the highest number of Newspaper subscribers in the world and one day will become the largest community of bloggers in the world. All these were from the #awesomeindianthings which trended on twitter yesterday.  One tweet said it all ‘140 characters are not enough to describe our country’. Very true. That is where the blogs come into the picture and we have some wonderful posts from the Indian Blogging community. Read on…

  • Who : Chrony
    What : Chrony Ka Swayamvar
    Tangy: After Rakhi’s and Rahul’s swayamvar it is Chrony’s turn to have his own Swayamvar. It has his blogmates and we can say one of the best from Chrony’s stable.

  • Who : Radha Roy
    What : 1411 tigers
    Tangy : At the start of the month Aircel launched this campaign to save the tigers! Radha Roy has this must read post on the campaign and questions the effect of the campaign. Thanks Kanupriya for the tip

  • Who : Smita
    What : Mother of all Goof Ups!!!!
    Tangy : Smita presents to you ‘The Mother of all Goof ups!!!’ starring the star Smita, her friend and TM = Taxmen. A entertaining post!

  • Who : Mallika Sarabhai
    What : Mallika Sarabhai Writes To Amitabh Bachchan
    Tangy : As the title says, this is a letter to Big B from Mallika Sarabhai. A letter filled with feelings and sincerity. A must read!

  • Who : Minal
    What : In 30 different ways, He said I LOVE YOU
    Tangy : Minal fondly calls her husband ‘MDH’ and he is one awesome guy we tell you. You would also surely agree once you read this post. 30 different ways to say I love you…

  • Who : Kanupriya
    What : Bad product & worse marketing : IBIBO social games
    Tangy : Kanupriya has this post where she analyzes the marketing strategy of Ibibo and has her comments on the campaign. What do you think about the campaign? Do let Kanupriya know.

  • Who : Law is greek
    What : Illegal Sand Mining Impacts Kerala’s River Bodies
    Tangy : ‘One of Kerala’s main problems has been the indiscriminate, unscientific and illegal sand-mining in its river areas’ says Law is greek and this post is all about that. It has the causes and its after effects of the act.

  • Who : Wewake
    What : ConDumb: A conversation with a moron
    Tangy : LOL! Wewake has posted this conversation he had with one of his friends. After reading the conversation it is for you to decide if the title of ‘moron’ is apt for the friend. 🙂

Week after week, we have regulars who take the effort to tip us (you can write to us as well) dedicatedly and write some amazing posts. Do support them by reading their posts and commenting! Here are their posts:


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