BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 16, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksWhat is the role of an intelligence agency in the country? According to Wikipedia ‘India has a number of intelligence agencies  of which the best known are the Research and Analysis Wing, India’s external intelligence agency and the Intelligence Bureau, the internal intelligence agency.’ Do you think the Indian Intelligence is doing their duty properly? The latest from the Pune blasts probe suggest that ‘foreign hand’ was involved in the blasts. Is it something new? No! In other news, the Master and the Blaster scored centuries yesterday to take India to a respectable position and maybe help them retain the ranking. Is there any doubt that #sachinisgod of cricket ?

There are some more very important issues and happenings in Indian Blogging Community and Indian Bloggers have their opinion on the same. The best among the lot find a place in our Tangy Tuesday Picks. Here are the best from this week.

  • Who : Neo Indian
    What : A letter from a guy who was killed in a recent terror attack
    Tangy: This is one of the best posts in recent past. A post where the message is hidden behind the mask in every sentence with a dash of humour. A post which everyone should read and realize the importance of life.

  • Who : Vivek Singh
    What : The Light at the End of the Tunnel.
    Tangy : The Recent SS and MNIK episode kept the police on their toes. Every Multiplex was surrounded by an army of policemen. In conditions like this what happens? Vivek Singh has posted his side of the coin in this post. What do you think? Let him know.

  • Who : Manju Joglekar
    What : Price of a Soul
    Tangy : What is the price of a soul in today’s times? Manju says ‘The price of a soul is different in each case. Some sell theirs for money, some for favours, some for recognition. Some to avoid harassment by the authorities.’ What do you think? A must read post by Manju and tipped to us by Suranga.

  • Who : WannabeSW
    What : Something like love
    Tangy : How do you know you are in love? Do you hear the bells ringing or the lights flashing? How do you know if he/she has swept you off your feet? WannabeSW has some more things which are an indications that it maybe something called love.

  • Who : Nikita
    What : To Kill A Date
    Tangy : Valentine’s day is celebrated as a day of love and many people date for the first time on this day. Nikita’s friend was among them and Nikita has compiled a list of things NOT to do on your first date. A very interesting compilation indeed. You can add yours too and let Nikita know.

  • Who : Vipul Grover
    What : Everyone has a Cupid Tale to tell 1.0
    Tangy : This very cute and mushy love tale by Vipul makes it to our weekly picks. A tale that has its settings on the local colony and the love depicted here is so innocent that it makes us recall our cupid tale. Everyone has a cupid tale na? Let us know yours.

  • Who : Ankit Agarwal for
    What : Maruti 800 To Make Its Journey Into History Books,To Phase Out Of 13 cities
    Tangy : Maruti 800 from the time of its launch used to be the best selling car in India until 2004, when the Alto was launched. This iconic car is now set to go into history books as it is being phased out. Ankit has this post on it. Do read it, especially if you are fan of Maruti 800 or ever owned one.

  • Who : Sayontan Sinha
    What : Hubris and the IPL
    Tangy : This post by Sayontan Sinha is all about IPL and the controversy it generated by omitting the Pakistani Players. Many Statements were made, many press conferences were called and the best of them have been compiled by Sayontan to give us a fair idea. Do read the post and let him know what you think.

Week after week, we have regulars who take the effort to tip us (you can write to us as well) dedicatedly and write some amazing posts. Do support them by reading their posts and commenting! Here are their posts:


1. True Love or Infatuation-What’s the Difference? by Zeenat Syal

If you still not read the awesomeness interview of Jamshed Rajan aka Jammy ‘s interview, do read it now!

Everyone has a Cupid Tale to tell 1.0

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