IIM Ahmedabad Finance Conclave 2010

IIM Ahmedabad (IIM-A) is back with the second edition of its financial conclave  organized by ‘The Centre of Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), Beta – the Finance Club of IIMA and Leverage  – the Private Equity and Venture Capital Club of IIMA’. The theme of the conclave this year is “Challenging the New Normal”. A very interesting theme indeed. The agenda looks promising spread across two days and about 500 attendees are expected to attend.

One may wonder what is the ‘New Normal’ and why challenge it? The answer to this from the organizer’s point of view is ‘For some, short-term survival is the only agenda. Others are trying to peer through the haze, thinking about how to position themselves once the dust has settled and things return to normal. The question is “What will the normal look like?”. While no one can say how long the crisis will last, what we find on the other side will not look like the normal of recent years.

The next question on your mind would be, What is the aim of the conclave and why attend it? ‘At the Conclave, we aim to bring together professionals from the PE/VC industry, investment banks, business houses, students, alumni and academicians to discuss recent trends and emerging issues in the industry, the challenges and opportunities they present and the way ahead. It will also act as a forum for budding entrepreneurs to interact with investors and preeminent business leaders’ says the organisers.

The Conclave is going to be held on 8-9th January 2010 and promises to be a cracker of the event. To know the agenda of the event do visit the link

List of speakers and investors:

  • Mr. Nikhil Khattau (Mayfield Advisors)
  • Mr. Rajeev Mantri (Navam Capital)
  • Mr. Mohanjit Jolly (DFJ)
  • Mr. Sunil Kolangara (UTI Ventures)
  • Mr Anand Dorairaj (New Silk Route Ventures)
  • Mr. Mihir Joshi – Managing Director, GVFL
  • Prof Prem Chander – Professor at IIM Ahmedabad
  • Prof Sandeep Parekh – Professor at IIM Ahmedabad
  • Mr. Shrihari Kulkarni
  • Mr. Hemir Doshi (IDG Ventures)

Apart from the Mentoring Clinic, Workshop for students and Business Plan Showcase, there are three panel discussions. The theme for the first panel discussion is ‘Regulation, Consolidation and Inclusive Growth [New World Order]’, the second panel will be about the ‘Elusive 10% growth’ while the third panel will talk about ‘Next Billion Dollar Opportunity’.

To confirm your participation or in case of any queries, please send a mail at finance.conclave@iimahd.ernet.in or visit the website at http://www.leverageiima.org/LeverageConference.html

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