BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 05, ’10

Tangy Tuesday PicksNamaste India! How was the first Monday of the year? We are sure the day would have ended all smiles after reading #perkytweets. Our thought for today is ‘Does one know how much dedication and thinking goes behind a blog post?’ Can we even measure the amount of time and dedication a blogger puts in while writing a post? That is something applaudable for the blogger. Our Weekly picks strive to reward those bloggers who work hard and come up with remarkable posts every week. Read the awesome blog posts from the Indian Bloggers for this week.

  • Who : Noise of India
    What : Author surprised that Bollywood steals
    Tangy: Noise of India has this very witty post where the principal characters are Chetan Braggart, Aamir Cannes, Vinu Vinod Vici & Arnab Grosswami :). Imagine what happens when they all sit across a round table and have a discussion? Heaven breaks loose :D.

  • Who : Ms Chitchat
    What : Mother tongue = Native language = ?????
    Tangy : In our childhood days we remember our grandparents stressing us the importance of knowing our Mother Tongue. In present times do you think it is possible to master your mother tongue? Ms Chitchat has her take on it. Do read it.

  • Who : Suchitra Krishnamoorthi (Read her interview with BlogAdda)
    What : All izzz well!!
    Tangy : It is always interesting to know the viewpoint of someone who has been in the bollywood for quite sometime. When Suchitra says she admires Raju Hirani and his style of filmmaking, he must be having some substance. To know what does ‘All izzz well’ mean to Suchitra, read this post.

  • Who : Deepa
    What : Its A Jungle Out There: The Trip To Nowhere
    Tangy : Today morning there was a very interesting conversation happening on Twitter about marriages and their types. This post by Deepa, where she shares an experience from her life will give us a fair idea on what goes through a girl when she has to meet a guy through the arranged marriage way. A must read.

  • Who : SSD
    What : 5 Points by Someone – Why you should take ‘3 Idiots’ with a pinch of salt
    Tangy : 3 Idiots had one of the best openings for any film and has raked in more than 100 crores till date. But everything cannot be smooth and the movie had its share of controversy as well. This post by SSD is an analysis of the movie with a twist. SSD puts in his gyaan and we are sure most of us would agree with that. You have to read this post and let him know your views on 3 Idiots.

  • Who : Prerna Jain
    What : Hail Democracy! Shibu Soren revisited..
    Tangy : Hail Democracy! We say it too and this incident truly emphasizes the saying that ‘Politics main koi kisika dost nahin hota’. Prerna has this awesome post on the intricacies of Indian Democracy and its failures. A post everyone will enjoy reading.

  • Who : Kokonad
    What : I was assembled from parts
    Tangy : Woah! Kokonad is back in our weekly picks with a gem of a post. Read this line from his post ‘ I was a kid with a wild imagination. When I thought of child birth, I was under the impression that two people have to lie on bed together and poof, a child just happens’. Many of us would have imagined child birth differently and this emphasizes the need for proper Sex education in the growing years. Don’t forget to read the comments for this post as the bloggers have some very interesting thoughts on their childhood days and importance of Sex education. Do let him know yours too.

  • Who : Ambi
    : Ancient Wisdom, Modern relevance – Purpose of Life
    Tangy : Ambi has this awesome post which tries to answer the question ‘ What is the purpose of life?’. Ancient wisdom has been passed on to us by our forefathers. How much relevance does the ancient wisdom hold for us?

  • Who : PRG
    : Children of God
    Tangy : This post by PRG will bring tears into your eyes! We salute the parents of Varshini and we are sure Varshini will come out bravely out of this as she is the Child of GOD. You need to read this post as every prayer and wish is important for Varshini. Thank you Shail for tipping us this wonderful post.

Hope you enjoyed reading the weekly picks. Do let us know if you would like to see anything new at BlogAdda this new year and we will be happy to act on your feedback. Do contact us. We await your comments. πŸ™‚