BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 02, ’10

Spicy SaturdayIt was an awesome 2009 and it will be an even better 2010. We promise to bring you lots more action and exciting things to look forward to in the months to come. We have some very interesting resolutions from our Adda’ites for the year 2010 and we wish that all of them get fulfilled. For now, we have the first post from our stable for the year 2010 and it is none other than the Spicy Picks – The best blog posts from the Indian blogs and Indian bloggers.

  • Who : Indian Homemaker
    What : Let’s wipe that smile off his face.
    Spicy : Yes! Let’s wipe that smile off his face and let this be the start for wiping out more such smiles from all those who have been accused of such heinous crimes. Ruchika and her family are appealing for justice and they truly deserve it. Offenders like Rathore need to be taught a lesson and he will have to witness the collective power of the Indian People. This post is all about that and we support it!

  • Who : Praveen
    What : RIP Vishnuvardhan
    Spicy : Vishnuvardhan, one of the most popular actors to grace the south Indian film industry died in the end of the year 2009. There is this trend in southern states of India where once a popular actor dies, fans go berserk and a bandh is called. Do you think the actor would have wished for such a farewell? Praveen in this post has listed 5 of the popular songs of Vishnuvardhan as a tribute post to the actor.

  • Who : Srivats
    What : Take a wish
    Spicy : Srivats has this very innovative post to wish every one of his readers in a very unique way. Srivats says ‘Visit the comment section and see what’s your number, suppose if there are  two comments; then read the third wish written below. You have to copy paste it in the comment section and write your thoughts on that.’ Try it now. 🙂

  • Who : Tejaswy
    What : Caught Cheating
    Spicy : This post has to be imagined to truly ROFL. There is a saying in Hindi which says ‘Karta koi aur aur bhughattha koi aur’. This post has the perfect example for the saying. We feel sorry for Kunal in this post and Tejaswy – ‘Kitna Lucky hain re tu :P’.

  • Who : Minal
    What : The Best of the Decade – Test Innings by an Indian Batsman
    Spicy : Minal who calls herself a movie and a cricket freak bunked her college to see one of the top innings by an Indian Cricketer. In this awesome post she lists her favorite ‘Best of the Decade’ test innings by an Indian Batsman. A very interesting compilation indeed. Do you share your favorite with Minal? Check out.

  • Who : Gkam
    What : And the award goes to….
    Spicy : Every year we witness numerous awards ceremony felicitating the best in the field. The Sagittarius Gkam has started her own awards from this year where she will felicitate some very interesting people. For example, she has felicitated N.D. Tiwari for SEXagenarian of the Year Award. There are many more interesting categories and more interesting winners. A must read.

  • Who : Websnacker
    What : A Guy’s Checklist for In-House Dating
    Spicy : ‘Essential Face Savers Before You Invite Her In’ is how Websnacker starts this post. You gotta read this post and follow the tips shared by Websnacker to maker her date a one to remember. Now we are waiting for a post from a girl on how to make a guy happy. 🙂

  • Who : Avada Kedavra
    What : Movies of 2009
    Spicy : There were some very interesting movies in 2009 which was liked by many. Various English movies with different genres and variety were released in the year 2009. Avada has posted her favorite movies 0f 2009. Does yours figure in the list as well? Check out. 

  • Who : Bazinga
    What : Damn Copenhagen ! Farmville will save the world !
    Spicy : Woah! Bazinga believes that Farmville is the future and will save the world. There is no point in holding talks at various places like Copenhagen. What do you think :P?

  • Who : Ravish Kumar
    What : Dost Kaha koi tumsa (दोस्त कहां कोई तुम सा….)
    Spicy : Ravish has this very interesting story about the friendship between Aaradhna and Ruchika. Ravish has a lot of things mentioned in the post which we didn’t know about their friendship and the struggle which Aaradhna has put up for the last 15 years. रविश, आप ऐसे ही लिखते रहिये क्यूंकि यह पोस्ट पढने के बाद लोगों को आपसे बहुत उम्मीद होगी ऐसे बढ़िया पोस्ट लिखने की.

In the year 2010, we will continue serving you the Best Indian Blog Posts and the Best Interviews (Do read the part 2 of none other than The Alter Ego of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala) week after week. We also have dedicated Dashboards on Bollywood, Indian Interior Designs, Indian CEO blogs and will come up soon with more.

If you come across any interesting post or tweet and want to share, you can tip us on Twitter or contact us here and we will credit you for the selected pick. Have an awesome weekend ahead and come back again for Perky Tweets to start your week with.

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