BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 28, ’09

Spicy Saturday Sughamano? (How are you in Malayalam) On Thursday, it was the first anniversary of one of the most brutal terrorist attacks on Mumbai. After reading what the Indian Bloggers and readers had to say, we hope peace and prosperity prevails and we make the world a better place to live. We are sure most of us would have been touched by the gesture of Major Unnikrishnan’s family by refusing the petrol pump and instead of it told the government to divert the funds to Military welfare trust. We had a lot of posts talking about 26/11, we have the best amongst them and also the best picks from the Indian Blogosphere for you to read this Saturday.

  • Who : Manju
    What : Vande Mataram!
    Spicy : Janmabhoomi, has it lost its true meaning? Are we fulfilling our duty towards our Matrubhoomi? An awesome post by Manju and a must read for all.

  • Who : Celestialrays
    What : Remembrance
    Spicy : Celestialrays in this tribute post on 26/11 shares with us some stories unheard, facts that happened to friends, acquaintances, people she knew. Every incident will make you realize the brutality of the incident and the cruel way in which they were killing people.

  • Who : Neeraj Shinde
    What : Terrorism Will Only Bring Us Closer
    Spicy : Neeraj comes out with some real gems quite frequently and this is one of them. The basic message which the post wants to convey is Terrorism is not based on any religion and no religion preaches terrorism. 

  • Who : Vipul Grover
    What : Jihad
    Spicy : The definition of Jihad is a non-verbatim adaptation of the definition given by the scholar John Esposito. This post is a must read and one of the best from Vipul’s stable. He has handled the issue very sensitively and manages to convey the message. 

  • Who : Vignesh
    What : Far into foreign land
    Spicy : This bootiphul post, is dedicated to all those friends of mine who have bravely ventured into the western world says Vignesh. Our reader in this bootiphul post will find tales about what happens in faarin land as Vignesh puts it. An enjoyable read.

  • Who : Sandhya Iyer
    What : After-hours… 😉
    Spicy : Sandhya ponders as to what does her co-workers do after hours at work. She lists some common reasons that people give for staying at work after working hours. A post you will surely enjoy reading. 

  • Who : Gayatri Govindarajan
    What : Dad – my guiding force!!!
    Spicy : This poem is dedicated to all the awesome dads in this world. This poem has been wonderfully composed by Gayatri and has all the feelings one can express. A must read post.

  • Who : Jeena R. Papaadi
    What : Memories of a Terror Attack
    Spicy : Post Script. One remembers the justice that Saddam Hussein got; and he was not even responsible for 9/11 of the post written by Jeena! Do let her know your views on 26/11 and other terror attacks around the world. 

  • Who : Henna
    What : Hope is a good thing
    Spicy : ‘I don’t know whether India has failed as a democracy or we as a whole are a shame to humanity. I have no clue as to what will help end terrorism in the world’ says Henna. A relevant post in times of terror seen with a different point of view. Do read it and let her know what you feel.

This week we have one of the top blogger who blogs on interior design and much more. The brains behind ‘An Indian Summer’ Bhavna Bhatnagar has been interviewed for all of you. A must read for all of you and we are sure you will enjoy it.

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5 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 28, ’09”

  1. Awesome collection of blog posts. You guys do this everytime!

    Sandhya, now we know what happens after office hours! Gayatri, you reminded me of my dad. He is an inspiration as well. Sahil, you seem to be very talented.

    Everyone else who wrote on Mumbai, I will recommend your post to my friends right away.

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