BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 21, ’09

Spicy Saturday Namaskar! Indian Media and Press community are standing by the CNN-IBN team to support them for standing against hooligans of political extremism. We also need to realize that these parties are footage hungry and media feed them the necessary footage whenever they need it. If we stop that, these parties will then do something for the society. In other news our honorable environmental minister quotes ‘India can win Nobel for Filth’. It is upto to us to take the right meaning of the statement and act upon it. Time for interestingness which means time for Spicy Saturday Picks. Here are this week’s best Indian Blog Posts.

  • Who : IndianHomemaker
    What : If I made Baghban.
    Spicy : Indian Homemaker has her take on the popular movie Baghban. She has posted her views and what we can learn from the movie. This post is a must read and lots to take home. 🙂  Do read her awesome interview

  • Who : Monika
    What : So what do u buy for your child?
    Spicy : Have you come across a situation where your son wants to buy a doll and your daughter wants to buy a gun? What do you do then? Monika experienced this and has her take on it. Do read the post and let her know. 

  • Who : Ritu Lalit
    What : Of Bimbo bashing and other sports
    Spicy : LOL. We all know who bimbo is? Ritu makes an appearance in our weekly picks after a long time and what a way to make an entry. Ritu in this post questions the existence of Bimbos with some examples. An enjoyable read. Ritu Lalit shares some interesting things in her interview

  • Who : Jalpesh Mehta
    What : 26/11 Anniversary
    Spicy : Jalpesh has posted this post on the occasion of the 26/11 terror attacks. He has a lot of questions which need answers. Do you have questions as well? Let him know. 

  • Who : Sush Jaitly
    What : Is this democracy?
    Spicy : We have a very hardhitting but fact based post by Sush Jaitly. She has a post with pictorial proof and questions the real meaning of democracy. Do post your views and participate with Sush in her conversation. 

  • Who : Manjari Singh
    What : When she said “we dont grow NREGA in our village”
    Spicy : Manjari Singh has talked about NREGA (National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) in this post. Is NREGA reaching the right people? Are people aware of it, especially in Amethi constituency? A very informative post.

  • Who : Anshul Tewari
    What : Shame Shiv Sena, Shame! A Party Of Goons
    Spicy : After yesterday’s incident at IBN’s office, Anshul has his views posted on the same. Read it is all we can say and share your views.

Thanks to Gopinath, Monika, Smitha and Indian Homemaker for tipping us this wonderful posts.

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4 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 21, ’09”

  1. I have been following this blog for the past 4 weeks and everytime I come away overwhelmed at the collection of great blogs found here. Please keep up the great work!!

    Though I feel the number of blogs you select should be between 10-15. Hope you increase it 🙂


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