BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 14, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksTere päevast (Have good day in Estonian). It’s pouring here in Mumbai and as someone mentioned it’s not raining cats and dogs, but it’s elephants and dinosaurs. Our team fought against delayed trains, water logging and heavy winds to pick up the best posts for you from the Indian blogosphere.

As always, these are some of the good posts for you to enjoy. Do comment on their blogs once you’ve read the complete post. It inspires a blogger to write more and he/she can churn out better content everytime!

  • Who : Roshmi Sinha
    What : Requiem for the ‘world’s oldest blogger’… and MJ.
    Tangy: “World’s oldest blogger’ dies in Spain at 97″…. This wonderful post by Roshmi Sinha pays tribute to the world’s oldest blogger and MJ. Very few would know about the death of the blogger and that itself makes us pick it for you. A very good read!

  • Who : Shanu
    What : Based on a True Story (2)
    Tangy : The opening line of the post says ‘Most Embarassing moment of my life’ . This line says it all about the humorous post by Shanu 🙂 . In our earlier picks we had a similar post by Vimmu . Both these posts are a must read ones 😀 .

  • Who : Abhishek
    What : Oh! My precious Bisleri
    Tangy : The rains are plying truant which has resulted in the shortage of drinking water. In situations like this, packaged water comes to our rescue. Abhishek in a humorous way pens his experience on what he had to do to get a bottle of Bisleri :).

  • Who : TheIshu
    What : And then I quit Marketing
    Tangy : We all get at least one marketing call or meet a marketeer in our daily life. We come across some very interesting as well as scary experiences. Ishu has some experiences to share in this must read post.

  • Who : Megha
    What : Monsoon Bite – Adventure in train
    Tangy : Megha speaks about the monsoons and the journeys we undertake during the monsoons. It is one of the most pleasurable and enjoyable experiences to observe nature during the rains. Megha has this wonderful post about it and this one was tipped by her! Do read and enjoy!

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6 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 14, ’09”

  1. Thanks a bunch for selecting my post “Requiem for the ‘world’s oldest blogger’… and MJ” as one of the top posts for this week’s ‘Tangy Tuesday Picks’.

    Feels great! I am overjoyed and honoured!

    Let me also take this opportunity to wish BlogAdda every success.

  2. Hi guys,

    This Tangy Tuesday Pick was quite a surprise and an awesome one at that! Frankly I didnt have an idea how one would end up here, but it sure does feel great. 🙂

    Thanks a ton to all of you. BlogAdda can count me in as a new fan 🙂

  3. ***Rubs eyes in disbelief***

    I cant blv my eyes..this is awesome.

    Thank you so much. This is such an honour.

    I am over the moon right now!

  4. thts a nice selection for tangy tuesday…loved the one on MJ and world’s oldest blogger

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