BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun. 23, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksMuribwanji (Hello in Chichewa). Finally the rain gods have relented and its raining!! It is time for hot pakoras accompanied by Masala Chai :). You will find the junta on the Dams and under the Waterfalls over the weekends. To make your weekday special, here we are with this week’s top posts from the Indian Blogs


    • Who : Vimal
      What : Sillyday !!!
      Tangy: This Tangy post from Vimal is about a day in his life. It is just not another day but a ‘Sillyday!!!’ . A post that will remind you of the bad days which you have faced as well  πŸ™‚

    • Who : Maami
      What : Marriage, Anyone?
      Tangy : Maami makes a comeback into our list with a superb post :). A post which starts & ends with Rakhi Sawant’s Swayamvar. That is just a reference. The post talks about the relevance of the word ‘Marriage’ in Hindu customs. A must read!

    • Who : revsjoiedevivre
      What : Appa..
      Tangy : A well written post which will bring tears in your eyes. A post which we couldn’t have missed on the occasion of Father’s day. That is all we want to say. You have to read this post.

    • Who : Meera Sapra
      What : Daddy’s day
      Tangy : Meera loves comics and believe that they are a powerful mode of expression. We believe it too and this post from Meera conveys some interesting messages through her toons. Enter into Meera Sapra’s life of comic strip πŸ™‚

Read Spicy Saturday Picks from the last week.  If you have any interesting posts or tweets to share with us, contact us or you can tip us on twitter using ‘Tip @blogadda’ along with the link and we will credit you for that.

We also have Part 2 of  Sidin Vadukut of Domain Maximus interviewed for you. Do not miss reading the Perky Tweets which are read out by Malini on her show ‘Malini till Midnight’ every Monday at 9 Pm on Radio One. Do tune in πŸ™‚

4 Replies to “BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jun. 23, ’09”

  1. Blogadda that is a great choice again πŸ˜€
    see?the blogsamaaj is churning out gems! πŸ˜‰

    Vimmuuu’s is really funny πŸ˜€

    and also thank YOU (and Vimmuuu too) for leading me to Revs post….

  2. I realy like komal nishka’s poem. It’s an ideal poem.

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