BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – May. 26, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksSalut, buna dimineata (Good morning in Romanian). Tangy Tuesday’s are here. Hope you had a great start to the week. 6 months ago, Mumbai was under attack. People have got on with their lives and everything is back to normal. Let us get back to present 🙂 . To drive away your Monday Blues we have started  ‘Perky Tweets‘. We at BlogAdda are doing our best to make everyday of your week a special one. Do let us know if we are able to achieve it :).

  • Who : Tikuli
    What : Breast Cancer : Stay Aware : Stay Positive: Stay Healthy
    Tangy: Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer after lung cancer. Breast cancer is about 100 times as frequent among women as among men, but survival rates are equal in both sexes. Tikuli in this very informative post talks about it and gives us tips and ways to overcome the disease. A must read!!

  • Who : Atanu Dey
    What : Solution to India’s Greatest Failure
    Tangy : “Since no part of the Establishment has an interest in punishing corruption, trying for a more sweeping solution quickly leads into the realm of blind hope.” quotes T.S.R Subramanian. Atanu Dey in this well researched post tries to find the solution to the one of the root causes stalling India’s development.

  • Who : Avnish Anand
    What : An All Star Eleven of football players who can’t stay at one club
    Tangy : This post is for the Soccer fans in India and all over the world. Avnish has compiled a team comprising of the best players in the world who can’t stay at one club 🙂 . Do you know someone who fits in the team? Let him know ..

  • Who : Vignesh
    What : The ‘Jatti’ Thieves
    Tangy : A post based on true story. Vignesh narrates to us the story of ‘Jatti Thieves’. We would not like to reveal anything more of the story but can assure that it is an enjoyable read :).

  • Who : Vinayak Hegde
    What : Supercrunchers – How Data Analysis is Changing our Lives
    Tangy : Vinayak Hegde in this Tangy post has reviewed the book ‘The Super Crunchers’ . For all the people looking to read a book on trends, Vinayak has his thoughts on it. A interesting read.

  • Who : Vrijilesh Rai
    What : Biryani edges Bisi Bele Bhaath
    Tangy : IPL 09 is over. Deccan Chargers won a close game :). Vrijilesh Rai has his thoughts penned on his blog. This post has been recommended by Chethana.

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  1. thank you Blogadda for recognizing my work once again. The feeling is overwhelming.

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