Proto 5 held in Jan 09 at NIMHANS Bangalore gets over in style

As you might be aware, we were one of the associate partners at Proto, the startup event that was held at NIMHANS, Bangalore last week. The event was scheduled to start at 9:00 in the morning, the reason we had planned to reach early. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed & Bangalore traffic didn’t do any good – we reached a couple of hours late. The good part was that we met up with a few individuals who were attending the same event and had fun talking with them.

Seeing a packed auditorium was exciting. After the registration formalities were completed (we didn’t get our names printed and used our visiting card instead), we found ourselves a comfortable position where we could view the companies who were to demo for the Proto showcase. The showcase this year was spread across two days and a few companies had some very interesting things to share. If you were following us on twitter, you would have received updates of all companies with details of their presentation. After lunch time (we recommend the butter scotch milkshake just outside at a joint opposite NIMHANS), some interesting conversations followed that kept everyone active. Proto this year had a screen put up outside the audi where live tweets flashed on the screen and it made lot of sense to people who were outside networking to know what’s happening inside.

The companies at Proto this year were

Kiruba and Divya hosted the demo showcase and the Proto video that played thereafter was good and very inspiring. This time the video was interwoven with clippings from the film Gandhi. Vijay Anand was his usual himself running around the audience for the feedback and giving valuable inputs with the guest speakers during the conversations. A particularly interesting conversation was when Rajiv and Shiv were talking, the one that probably produced the best quote ‘Being an entreprenuer is not about the brain, but about the heart‘. The audience participation was the maximum then. The shortgun startup was amazing with some very innovative ideas taking shape and was a fitting end to Proto. We hope that the team continues to work on such innovative ideas and wish all the best to Vijay and Proto, a great startup event indeed.

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  1. Hey Nirav, i was one of the followers on twitter and thoroughly enjoyed them… which was more interesting then this post 🙂 would have loved some personal inputs as in what did u like what worked for you and blogadda out there…

    o btw since you were among the very very few who were tweeting so much did you win the shuffle?

    good luck with blogadda…

  2. My friends told me that not many companies were interesting in this edition and not many bangalorities visited. Is that true?

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