– The Startup Event celebrates entrepreneurship at the Startup level. It is done by encouraging and showcasing it at the startup level by providing a platform in the Indian subcontinent to participate, share, discuss and draw strength from the growing entrepreneurial community. The success of is easily seen in the profile of the audiences that attend each event – VCs and Angel investors, mentors and industry veterans, other startups and established organizations seeking inspiration, collaboration and partners.

In the Fifth edition of, there is a  workshop called Pitchcamp for startup companies to hone their skills in the art of Pitching. And it will be something to look forward to. This is how it works.

This is a highly interactive hands-on workshop where you will have the opportunity to refine your own company’s message, learn more about how to pitch the people you need to impress, and have fun at the same time – the expert panel will help coach you to success and be judges at the end of the workshop, awarding prizes to some lucky participants.

8-12 Companies will be selected to officially participate. The selected companies will be assigned a pitch coach from a list of highly experienced marketing team. After a general overview of the do’s and don’ts of pitching, the individual companies will go into a break out session with their assigned pitch coach to refine their pitch. Other attendees of the workshop will be invited to participate in the breakout sessions as well. The final hour of the workshop will be the companies presenting their revised pitch to the entire panel of experts who will critique and evaluate the new pitches.

The companies with the top two scores will receive prizes that might include Marketing and PR Services, VC Pitch Consulting or Premium memberships to various networks.

There’s also something called the Shotgun Startup for the first time in this year’s version. It is basically an event that enables the participants with an whacky idea but do not have the requisite backing for it. For those who are wondering whether they can participate, here is the list of people who can.

You are a college student, with this whacky, neato idea and you have the confidence and talent to build it?

You are a team in a corporate’s internal incubation program, and just need a platform to launch your idea.

You are working for a corporate and want to “experience” the feeling of entrepreneurship

You are a corporate and want to show off the engineering capabilities of your workforce. In which case you can send in a corporate team.

You are a very smart entrepreneur who has the charm and capability to build a product and launch it at and sway the audience to your will, and get them marketing your product.

Register yourself for the Shotgun event here and read more about Shotgun. is proud to be an ASSOCIATE PARTNER for this edition of as we believe in them and wish the team success in the endeavor.

Do register yourself for here. Have you been to Proto earlier? We would love to hear your experience. If you write about Proto on your blog, do let us know and we will link your entry from here.

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