How to Start a Blog Series?

Starting a blog series is a very effective way of retaining your readers and keeping the interest of the readers alive. There are many benefits to start a blog series. Instead of one large post, you can split that into multiple posts which will be good for your search engine presence. They also encourage visitors to come back often and they can participate in deeper discussions in a more comprehensive manner. When you start a blog series, keep in mind the following points:

  1. Knowledge of the topic
    When you think of starting a blog series, the first thing you need to do is have a good resounding knowledge of the topic in which you plan to start a blog. Remember there will be readers who will be following your blogs and learning from your series so it really helps if you have are sound on the topic(s) you choose to create a series on. And remember, readers are very intelligent. By reading a few posts they can gauge the knowledge the person writing the post has on a particular topic. So be well read and informed.
  2. Ask questions to engage the reader
    One of the ways of making an interesting series is by making it interactive. Ask a lot of questions and involve the readers in the discussion. Ask questions and reveal the answers in the next post in the series. This will keep the readers coming back to your blog. Remember there is a lot you can learn from your readers. Pose questions and ask readers to clarify your doubts and answer your queries in the comments section.
  3. Keep the series short
    Don’t make the series too long. If the series prolongs for long, the readers lose interest and stop visiting the page and look for other avenues to learn about the things which you were talking about in your series. Each series should ideally contain 5-6 parts at the maximum. Beyond that it becomes difficult to sustain the interest of the reader.
  4. Be creative
    There must be something about your blog/blog series which must be new or different that keeps bloggers coming back to visit your blog. What you are saying might be the same as hundreds of other bloggers but what matters in the way you present it, the amount of research that has gone into it, how you capture your readers’ interest and get them involved in the blog series.
  5. Use Tools
    Another way to sustain the interest of your readers is by adding widgets for your blog. For example: having a poll widget which gets the readers opinions and views on your blog series or which helps rate your blog series. Or having a widget which gives the links to the various references which you used to write/create the blog series and other information.

The Strategy:

  • Identify a good topic and have enough knowledge about it
  • Announce the series, ask questions and involve readers
  • Keep the series short and interlink your posts
  • Be creative with your titles and beautify the post with appropriate images and facts
  • Use tools to find the response of the series and finish your series well

We welcome comments from readers who have successfully maintained a blog series on what they think are the points to be kept in mind before staring a blog series and what are the aspects which define a successful blog series. If you are currently writing a series of blog posts or have written one already, let us know and we can link in from here.

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