Get Free Membership to a Premium WordPress Themes Club

Free WordPress Themes

For all the bloggers who use wordpress, there is an interesting giveaway today.

Small Potato of has recently started a WordPress themes club. For $5 a year, there will be 12 themes given to members, new one every month. The quality of the themes are good and there are 4 themes available already. The club themes come without any copyright labels or links and you can use them on your blog or even your client’s sites. There’s more – you get support for these themes as well.

BlogAdda is giving away 100 (worth $5 each) Premium WordPress Themes Club Memberships for Free!

How to Enter

A couple of ways to get the membership for Free.

Follow BlogAdda on Twitter
Leave a comment on this post with a link to the most popular entry of your blog

Make sure you write your name and email correctly when you submit your comment. We will email you details on how to get your free membership.

Hurry! We have only 100 accounts and will serve first come first!

137 Replies to “Get Free Membership to a Premium WordPress Themes Club”

  1. Nice compilation of links on your blog. Your free membership code is sent in your email. Enjoy!

  2. it seems like e very good web site but my English is not good. It would be great if it might be availible in other languages too. Thanks.

  3. @ Davinder – Thank you very much. ๐Ÿ™‚

    @ Rajesh – Thanks! Interesting article you’ve written.

    @ AA – Doesn’t really qualify, but nevertheless, code sent. Enjoy. We are sure you’ll start writing very soon.

    @ Rahul – Super tutorial indeed! How about another one for Firefox plugins? Code sent.

  4. Am a theme-o-philic.
    The current 3 column wordpress one has been with me for long, lets check if luck favours and I manage to get my hands on the themes. Cheers to all of you!

  5. Great news to hear to get the free membership of premium templates. It will increase the use of wordpress. Please add me.

  6. Thanks for the great offer. I hope I am not late. Here is the URL

    Encyclopaedia Britannica โ€“ Webshare and Widget Program

  7. It is really wonderful job done by blog adda . I have recently learnt about blog. Blog is really a power ful wepon to expose to the world.
    Any how thank you very much for givig me the great chance to join blog adda
    prakash kelgeri

  8. Thanks for at your service. Its great and wud say great initiative for the bloggers and preferly to me who is just at the first step to start blogging.
    Please do favour on me also.

  9. good initiative to make blogadda, a real BLOGADDA in BLOGGING FOR THE HUNGRY HEARTS.

  10. Nice idea … and since I am just a user and not a coding genius, it really would help me

  11. Bloggers often run short of themes. It will be a great idea to write on themes that are popular. Besides, it inspires the blogger to do his best. Some sort of competition for the blogs written on themes advised by you will get the best out of bloggers

  12. appreciated the good job being done. please the people and remain happy all the time

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    krismohan ,
    INDIA, September 13, 2008.

  14. Really, it sounds interesting to everybody, who intend to feel their presence in the great great……. blogworld.!

  15. I’m new to blogging and especially WordPress (I usually prefer making static websites). I’ve found that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of free wordpress templates out there though. What is the purpose of paying for wordpress themes when there are free options available?

  16. Thank you for such amazing wordpress templates, I’ve been looking for a long time and these themes are what I trully like to use one my new blog.

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