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It is time we discussed about a very important aspect of blogging, which is responding to your readers and the comments you get. As a blogger, always remember that a big role in whatever you are, is because of your readers. Whatever you do, remember that feedback (positive or negative) is very very important. Remember the golden rule of marketing? The customer is god and the customer is always right. In the blogging world your readers are like your customers and responding to them and getting their feedback is very important. Always remember that a reader is taking some valuable time off his/her busy schedule and honouring your blog with a comment and that time should be respected. Responding to your readers comments can also start of a healthy discussion and lead to your making acquaintances with a lot of like minded people.

Have a lot of interaction with your readers. Ask questions, take feedback, talk to them. Add widgets on your blog which will help you interact more with your readers. Shout boxes are an easy way for readers to write that is not in relation to your post. You might even have a poll and ask your readers to vote.

When you respond to a readers comments you show the reader that you care and that his/her comment is important to you. Invariably, most of the people who leave a comment will come back to see if the blogger has responded to their comments. In some cases responding to your readers also attracts more readers and comments. You respond to the comments of a reader and start-off a healthy discussion on some topic. Some other reader reads this and although he/she might be usually lazy and does not comment often on blogs, the discussion grabs their interest and they feel like joining it and offering their opinion too. So by doing this not only do you attract readers but you also build a loyal readership base for your blog which will go a long way in making you blog popular. Most of the popular blogs that we see are those in which the blogger values readers and responds and acknowledges the readers comments.

So build relationships, attract readers and make your blog more popular. How often do you respond to your comments?

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  1. I make it a point to respond to all comments on my site. I even visit the commentator’s blog if any and leave a comment and even read up on a few blogs. Interaction is everything in blogging.

  2. yes replying to comments will get your blog good name and make your visitors subscribe to your blog. Comments are the great way of communication with our blog visitors or readers.

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