Personal blogs: Are they really personal?

Personal Blogs - Are they really personal?

We all know that one of the ways blogging is being used is as a medium for people to express themselves, pour their emotions and talk about issues which bother them and get the opinions of complete strangers on those issues. It brings us to the fundamental question. How personal are personal blogs? Isn’t that a misnomer?

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Write for the Blogathon

This one is for all the bloggers out here. You’ve been writing on your blogs for long covering social issues at times.


Now, you can write for Blogathon, where there are many more who will write on the topic of their choice on a given day. Here are the topics to choose from:

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Life of a Blogger

Life of a blogger depends on what stage of life the blogger is in. Here, we talk about two stages. A blogger in college and a blogger as an IT professional. We are sure that you must have many interesting things to share as your life as a blogger.

Go ahead and read what goes on typically in the life of a blogger

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