Mom, Save Me!

Sukhdeep Singh

‘Mom Save Me’ – Is Someone Listening? This is the voice of a child who wants to see this world. The child who is getting scanned in an ultrasound centre for gender determination and wonโ€™t be surviving if not a boy. This is serious problem now and I am talking about female foeticide โ€“ one of many ill causes which exist in current evolving stage of human living.

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BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jul. 28, ’09

Tangy Tuesday PicksSanj Borem Zavonn (Good Evening in Konkani). We wanna make the last week of July a good one for all of us. To start with, we have just released the dashboard for the Best Indian Interior and Decor blogs. Secondly, We have a very special person whose interview we have for you this week. Watch out on Thursday :). Thirdly, for the first time we have 9 amazing posts for you to read and they all deserve to be our Tangy Tuesday Picks :).

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9 Best Indian Interior Design Blogs

Everyone’s dream is to have a dream house of their own. There are a lot of passionate people who decorate every available space in their house and make it look so colorful and wonderful. We have old age and new age interiors adorning the houses.

There are some amazing blogs in the Indian Blogosphere who showcase the Indian decor and the Indian Interior designs, which are not yet fully discovered. We at BlogAdda are here to serve you the best Indian Blogs and bloggers, and continuing this endeavour, we present to you the best Indian Blogs showcasing Indian Interior Designs.

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Perky Tweets – Jul. 27, ’09

BlogAdda's perky TweetsThe last week of July is here ๐Ÿ™‚ . Time and tide waits for none, especially high tide. Now the high tides warnings are over and yesterday it was the fourth anniversary of July 26 Mayhem caused by floods. We salute all the brave ones and pay our homages to one’s who lost their life. It is a brand new day, brand new week and we are here with our Perky Tweets – Tweets that will perk you up this Monday and drive away your blues ๐Ÿ™‚

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BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jul. 25, ’09

Spicy SaturdayVannakkam (Hello in Tamil). It is a beautiful Saturday here and it was a sunny day yesterday. After all the brouhaha by the BMC over the clashing of high tides and heavy rains which in turn will cause imminent floods, all the warnings and the hype factor caused by media went Kaput :D. Currently, Proto is on at Pune and we wish all the best for startups showcasing there. BTW, we won the Ipod shuffle and the Wi-Fi T-Shirt for the live coverage/tweeting in the previous edition. As always we are back with our Spicy Saturday Picks – the best blogposts from the Indian Blogosphere this week!

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