International Women’s day – Blog posts about Women and relevant issues

‘When you love a woman, You tell her that she’s really wanted. When you love a woman, You tell her that she’s the one. She needs somebody to tell her that it’s gonna last forever.  So tell me, have you ever really really really ever loved a woman’ . These are the lyrics of the very famous song by Bryan Adams. It has a lot of meaning to it and we all appreciate the fact. On the occasion of International Women’s day, we have a collection of post written by awesome Indian Bloggers who have their views on what epitomes a woman and certain relevant issues.

Do read these blogs and it would be great to know your feedback/comments. Have a great day ahead.

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  1. It was a cool breezy morning when I got up. And then my mobile beeped ‘who can message me in the morning’? I thought

    The message said “Many many happy returns of the day”. I ran towards the calendar to see the date. It was 8th march but then I wondered that I was never born on 8th march. Might be some confusion! Again a message beeped, the same message came from my husband too. I was red with anger. I thought how come my husband also forgot the date of my birthday. Has he got so busy abroad that he has forgotten my birthday too? Anyhow I was about to ask him, again I got a message from him “Thanks for being a woman; you are too special in every sense “Oh my god! Its 8th march the international women’s day.

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