Share Your Story Of A Half Relationship – #HalfGirlfriend

A relationship is complete when both people involved are committed to each other. But what is a half relationship? The way in which two people regard each other is paramount to decide the status of their relationship. A half relationship is a relationship where the boy/girl are more than friends, but are still to commit themselves to each other. It could be because one person is not ready for it or is unsure or because both have a different focus at that stage in life.

Half Girlfriend

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WOW: A Drop In The Ocean

You are one in a million but you are also a drop in the ocean. Sometimes we feel we have a lot but it turns out it is very little compared to what is needed. Be it positivity, money, good friends, food. On the other hand, there are times even a drop in the ocean counts. Every small effort, every small contribution in the right direction makes a significant difference.

wow drop in the ocean

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