Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 9, 2021


We celebrated International Women’s Day yesterday and there were a lot of positive and empowering messages during the day. To keep up the same positive energy today and for this week we, at BlogAdda, curate the beautiful posts from your blogs and pick the best ones for the Tangy Tuesday Picks edition. Grab a chair, sip some tea or coffee, and get your reading boots on for these best blogposts by our women bloggers!

Best Blogposts From Indian Women Bloggers - Tangy Tuesday Picks!

Who: Unishta 
What: Do We Really Need A Women’s Day?
Why: Every year on 8th March a debate arises on this day, whether we need a day to celebrate Women’s Day? Blogger Unishta has shared her opinion in this blogpost for the same. What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

Who: Urvi Barman 
What: Why You Should Not Throw Lemon Peel Away 
Why: Do you throw away lemon peels after extracting the juice? You may not do this after knowing what lemon peel can do for your health, skin, and food. Blogger Urvi has shared some clever and exciting uses of lemon peels you must know. 

Who: Deepali Sood
What: List of Age Appropriate Chores For Children
Why: Chores help kids learn responsibility, and sharing chores with kids will help parents around the house. Blogger Deepali has listed down some age-appropriate chores for children and make it seem like a fun activity.

Who: Aishwarya Sandeep 
What: How Money Can Buy Time
Why: The link between time and money is not straightforward. It’s the time that leads to happiness, not the money, but it’s the money that buys the time. Thinking about how you spend your time and money is important. Hop on to this blogpost by Blogger Aishwarya to know more. 

Who: Dr. Gitanjali Thapa 
What: Home Remedies for Cold in Babies
Why: The flu season is upon us and cold in babies is very common. Many home remedies can be implemented to ensure that a baby’s cold is taken care of. In this blogpost, Dr. Gitanjali Thapa shared some causes and remedies which can be helpful. 

Who: Vibhuti Bhandarkar
What: Flipping Tables
Why: ‘It’s not a woman’s job’ it’s a story as old as time. It’s time to stop using such comments. Blogger Vibhuti shared her inspiring story in this micro tale. Do check it out. 

Who: Hansa Kajaria
What: My Mommy Strong Is
Why: Whether you are a son or daughter who appreciates the hard efforts of your mother blessing you with a good upbringing, raise a toast to your special mother. This beautiful story shared by Blogger Hansa is heartwarming. Do read! 

Who: Sharu
What: A War We Fight Everyday
Why: The challenges faced by women are absolutely enormous in every aspect of their lives. Whether it be to do with education, marriage, or healthcare. Go ahead and enjoy this beautiful post penned down by Sharu.

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