Spicy Saturday Picks Mar 13, 2021

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Are you wondering what to read this weekend? Don’t worry, we got you. Hope your Saturday is going well and you are having a great time. Time to keep stress aside, if any, for a while and enjoy your reading time. In this week’s Spicy edition, we bring to you a list of best and fresh blog posts that would help you and answer some of the answers you are seeking for. 🙂

What To Read This Weekend? - Spicy Saturday Picks - Mar 13, 2021

Who: Sundeep and Bedabrata
What: Museums of Delhi You Must Visit
Why: Museums provide people of all ages and backgrounds the opportunity to learn and explore different cultures. If you are visiting Delhi anytime soon or staying in Delhi, check out this detailed blogpost written by this fun blogger duo Sundeep and Bedabrata. 

Who: Ajeet Sharma
What: 5 Things To Do If You Are Having Troubles With Your Finances
Why: What can you do to feel in control of your money during a crisis? Or do you just want to maintain your lifestyle? All your answers lay here in this blogpost. Follow these 5 tips from Blogger Ajeet. 

Who: Cindy D’silva
What: Inner Feelings
Why: What is inner contentment? How can we achieve it? Blogger Cindy shared her views and her story through this beautiful blogpost. Go ahead and read. 

Who: Avantika Chaturvedi
What: Parvati Valley
Why: Parvati Valley is known for its hippie trail, glorious mountains, and lovely river. Hop on to this detailed blogpost by Blogger Avantika if you are planning to visit it sooner or later. 

Who: Dev Ashish 
What: Should You Buy A House Now?
Why: Home loan rates in India are falling, which can make anyone quick to avail from it but is it safe? This blogpost by Blogger Dev will help you understand if you should buy a house now or not.

We hope you enjoyed reading these amazing blogposts. Now that we have solved your ‘what to read this weekend?’, we can also help you with ‘what to write this weekend?’.
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