Tangy Tuesday Picks – March 16, 2021

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Reading has so much to offer, and if you are looking for a casual, easily-digestible read, we always have our Tangy Tuesday Picks curated with the best blogposts by Indian bloggers. The world of blogs is much more fascinating than you think. In this week’s list, youll find useful facts and more new things to learn that are guaranteed to make your reading time worth it!

Indian Bloggers Best Curated Blogposts

Who: Ambica Gulati 
What: Jim Corbett National Park
Why: Jim Corbett National Park, which is known for the larger Corbett Tiger Reserve is the oldest national park in India. Hop on to this highly informative blogpost by Blogger Ambica to know where to stay and dine. 

Who: Hansa Kajaria
What: 5 Ways To Raise A Positive Child
Why: Helping our children develop a positive attitude is a goal for every parent. Here are some ways shared by Blogger Hansa to help your child’s development. 

Who: Raksha Kamat 
What: Homemade Mango Jam 
Why: Mango season is upon us, a variety of dishes is on your list. But have you tried making fresh mango jam at home? All you need is Mango and Sugar. Check out Blogger Rakshas blogpost for a delightful no pectin Mango Jam recipe. 

Who: Martand Dev
What: Prometheus: A Tale Of Fire
Why: Fire is one of the most crucial discoveries of early humans. As such, the myth involving Prometheus discovering fire for humans. Enjoy this beautiful poem written by Blogger Martand. 

Who: Amrit Kaur 
What: How To Be True To Your Audiences?
In the previous edition, we shared Blogger Amrit’s blogpost regarding the new guidelines for social media shared by ASCI. Take a look at this blogpost to know how to be true to your audience and what all measures one can take. 

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