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Yes, We’re A Cricket Crazy Nation!

The one date that we have all been waiting for has finally arrived! It is the day when the Pepsi IPL 2014 begins! 8 teams consisting of the best players around the world with more than a billion fans battling it out in matches to win the Pepsi IPL Champions Trophy!



On a lazy Sunday morning, walk through the lanes of any housing complex in India and what do you see? Young kids playing cricket, or is it better to say Breathing Cricket! Your colleague suddenly calls in sick at work! You are worried for him, only until you realize Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings ka match hai! The thought is then about how you didn’t think of it! This is the time when everywhere you go, you’re most likely to hear ‘Meri Delhi‘, ‘Tera Rajasthan‘ and so on! Friends become friendly foes and innumerable Pepsi & samosa bets are placed!

The T20 keeps you at the edge of the seat throughout the game! Until the last ball is bowled, you aren’t sure who is going to win the game! Saying that every match has a nail-biting finish would be an understatement when it comes to the Pepsi IPL! The last over sees everybody physically viewing the screen but they’re actually busy honestly praying for their supported team to win. The yells & screams that you hear from each house or restaurant at the end of  a match are probably louder than the players on the stadium shout themselves!

Issued in Public Interest: Do not go and stand between the TV and your friend unless you want to get into a serious brawl!

Games of such intensity! How? Just how can you afford to not be in touch with it constantly? You need an update after each ball to know where your team stands. You are in office physically but your mind is at the stadium. When you are in the bus, you can’t wait enough to get home and see what stage the game has reached! Cricket on the go, is what has for you!

In a blog post of at least 300 words share with us the things that you have done to make sure you don’t even miss a shot! Have you lied to your friend about being busy? Have you stopped outside an electronics store because it’s the last over? Have you kept pestering your friends on chat for updates because they’re at home while you’re out? We’re crazy about cricket and all these seem more than legitimate to that fact! has the fastest scorecard that delivers faster than anyone else and a free video streaming of the match! Tell us what’s the one thing you love about new and how it has changed the way you follow the game!

You can win prizes that are as thrilling as each game!

  • The best post will win a Flipkart Voucher worth Rs. 25,000
  • The next 4 best posts will win Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs. 10,000 each
  • The next 5 best posts will win Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs. 5,000 each
  • The first 250 valid entries will Flipkart Vouchers worth Rs. 200 each
  • Everyday 1 lucky blogger will win a smart T-shirt

It’s not just a game, It’s a celebration!

Submit Posts Here!

Click here and kindly include the code

This post is a part of  <a href="" target="_blank">Cricket just got better! Activity</a> by <a href="" target="_blank&quot;"></a> in association with <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.

Looking forward to all the cricket crazy entries :)

You can send in posts for this activity till May 18, 2014.

Terms and Conditions (PDF)


72 Responses to “Yes, We’re A Cricket Crazy Nation!”

  1. admin says:

    @Khushboo You need to submit the entries in the form to make it eligible for the contest. Kindly do the needful.

  2. Khushboo says:

    @admin. I cannot locate the link. Where is it?

  3. Khushboo says:

    Also your Terms and Conditions pdf redirects to Blogadda. Please do the needful. Thanks 🙂

  4. Rohinishri says:

    Dear Kushboo,

    Please click on the ‘Submit Posts Here!’ link in the post above. It will lead you to a form where you can submit your post link.

    Hope this helps!

  5. Nandini Deka says:

    posted my entry on the form 🙂

  6. Nandini Deka says:

    @admin….do we have to post link here as well?

  7. Team BlogAdda says:

    @Nandini No, that is not required. Submitting via the form is enough.

  8. Tarun Singh says:

    Dear admin

    Please resolve the link of Terms and Conditions PDF for this contest.It’s not the correct link for PDF rather it’s the link for this page with just a hashtag.

  9. Amar Naik says:

    finally managed to write something for this contest 🙂

  10. Shalini says:

    Awesome contest! Thanks team, and yay.. I submitted my entry 🙂

  11. anuja bhatt says:

    Submitted my entry… My crazy story about how my bad experience was turned into my most wonderful experience.

  12. Ritesh Agarwal says:

    Hi Blogadda. The PDF file states that we need to submit a minimum of 5 blog posts. Does that mean that we got to submit five different links in the form, say one every day ?

  13. Team BlogAdda says:

    No, you do not have to submit 5 posts for the contest.

    What the condition means is that for your blog to be approved at BlogAdda, you should have a minimum of 5 blog posts published on your blog. Fulfilling this condition enables you to participate in the campaigns at Blogadda. You can submit 1 or more than one posts for this contest as per your interest.

  14. Uma says:

    My entry –
    – from a lady who played and loves Cricket

  15. My last pos6t for the love of cricket.
    An experience during my internship.

  16. Sneha Mittal says:

    My blog post if finally up! here is the link :

    Hey guys, do we get a 200rs. flipkart voucher for each valid blog post we do for this contest or are we eligible for only one voucher no matter how many posts we have? Please reply soon! Also, when are the results for this contest out!?

  17. Team BlogAdda says:

    @Sneha Hi! Yes, you get a vouchers for every valid post you write for this activity. The results for this contest will be out in 4 weeks time after the end of the activity.

  18. A whole new exciting dimension to cricket..
    And Facts you want to know about the game :

  19. DS says:

    Being a cricket blogger, this was a wonderful opportunity for me! I have given my best and hope I win! Here is my entry for this fabulous contest! – Nostalgia – India Vs Australia, Adelaide 2003 .

  20. Dr Roshan R says:
    My entry on how I work around my schedule and timings at home to watch my matches!

  21. Akash says:

    Hi team Blogadda I somehow cant find the comment which I posted with my entry to this contest yesterday along with the link to my entry… 🙁 was just wondering why??

  22. Nisha says:

    Posted three entries for this one! Been trying to post the links but somehow my comment refuses to get published. Trying one last time.

  23. Hi team..finally updated my post..was a pleasure participating.

    Find my entry for the contest in the link below:

    Looking forward to your lovely responses!!

  24. Posted one entry today, about how I managed to watch some IPL Matches. Well, now I am in Mumbai on vacation and may watch more matches, though I have to travel to Udupi, Mangalore etc.

  25. Nisha says:

    My fourth entry; a piece of fiction. I’m guilty of overdoing it this time for a contest!

  26. blog post link 1–> 10 reasons you can make not to miss an IPL match

    Blogpost link 2 –> Im addicted IPL are you ?

  27. Aarya says:

    Hi everyone…I have written this article on YUVRAJ SINGH…some time ago…I don’t think so it is eligible for the competition but I would like to submit it…

    I hope you guys read it and would appreciate your visit…ENJOY

    Here’s the link

  28. Fatima says:

    Cant see the form! pls help. Submit Your Entry does not show any form!

  29. Saru Singhal says:

    Here’s my entry –

    I simply loved their Kanna Keep Calm posters. 🙂

    And best of luck everyone.

  30. Mayura Rao says:

    Hi Blogadda team,
    Although I have pasted the code(given in the click code) in my post I have received a mail saying invalid entry as there is no code, please help and let me know if my entry is valid now

  31. Mayura Rao says:

    Also I have changed the tittle of my post and the permalink caption, should I resubmit that link again??

  32. Maria says:

    This is my other post:

    Call me a technophobe but this is the only way I know how to submit my posts.

  33. anuja bhatt says:

    When results will be announced? Any idea?

  34. Any news on results ? @ Team BA

  35. Hi there team

    Please share the url where the results of this contest can be seen. need to share that jpeg on my blog as I won the first prize… by the way, still waiting for the prize to be delivered.

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