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Too Busy To Care

Have you ever stopped by a tea stall to save a kid from child labor? Probably you were getting late for work & ignored it. Did you get out of your car to help someone in a road accident; or assist an old man cross the road? Maybe you had to reach home to watch your favorite TV serial or cricket match. Perhaps you never bothered when a beggar was dying of undernourishment. Then, can we say that humanity still dwells inside us? We easily expostulate for what we do or just say, “Who cares?!”

Many a times, we are captious by nature and find excuses to blame something or someone. How many times do we actually act? Sometimes Yes, Mostly No! Because most of us are just Too Busy To Care. At times, we might follow the issue, but fail to act on it. Many of us want to do something for society but are unable to take out time. We feel, we reflect, we want to contribute, to act but something comes in the way. We feel inspired, moved and also guilty for not doing that something, anything. Most of the time, that inspiration loses its way in our packed, no-time-to-think, no-space-to-breathe, BUSY schedules.

Now, you have a chance.  A chance to act on that inspiration. To help. To care. To act. To do that something.

BlogAdda in collaboration with Tata Tea Jaago Re! gives you an opportunity to do something for the society, for humanity, for your inner self! Share with us those stories where you wanted to or want to do something but haven’t been able to.

Are you ready to finally act upon something? Read on!

  • Remember those moments when you wanted to do something for a person, social cause, animal, etc. but you chose to ignore. Share those moments, that story.
  • Tell us in what way do you want to provide a helping hand for a cause/person.
  • Suggest the steps that you think should be taken to reduce the Too Busy To Care Syndrome.
  • Please copy paste this code on your blog post.
    Click here to copy this code

    I am too busy to care, but want to do something. <a title="I am not too busy to care" href="" target="_blank">Jaago Re</a> and <a title="Largest Community of Indian Bloggers" href="" target="_blank"></a> are helping me do my bit for the society.
  • Stories written from the heart have a different appeal. Go ahead, write from your heart.

First prize winner will get a gift voucher worth Rs. 5000 and another four entries will get gift vouchers worth Rs. 1500 each!

So, what are you waiting for? Jaago aur Jagao Re!

About the campaign:

Tata Tea Jaago Re’s – just made it much easier for all the “Busy” people in India to start to “Care” and participate!

Now, at the click of your mouse, you can:

  • Volunteer: Chip in with NGO efforts, even from the comfort of your home or on weekends. Join up for events that are fun and help some cause!
  • Connect: Find and chat with like-minded individuals, NGOs of interest or citizen groups that catch your attention.
  • Speak Up: Share your ideas, ask questions or answer some for others. Post your activities and initiatives as an active ciizen, to inspire others or catch up on the latest on the Jaagore Blog.
  • Learn: Get updated on social issues you are passionate about. Share your thoughts and information, if you know better!

Jaago Re! makes it so easy that no one can given any more excuses about being busy!

 This contest is successfully concluded.

43 Responses to “Too Busy To Care”

  1. Deboshree says:

    Another wonderful initiative by Blogadda and Tata Tea. Thanks for all these exciting and enlightening contests! 😀

    Here’s my entry to the same:
    “Mr. rao teaches a lesson”

  2. A fabulous initiative, and The Global Indian magazine has published a story here:
    We just have to wait to see if Indians care!

  3. shinymist says:

    My entry for the contest TBTC appears below –


  4. Jolly Ghuman says:

    Truly said, “Too Busy to care” attitude is common these days. I have expressed my feelings through this blog.

    This is my entry for the contest.

  5. Sudha says:

    When is the last date for this contest?

  6. Wonderful initiative by Blogadda and Jaago Re
    We at times are not just suffering from TBTC syndrome but bloggers like me are sometimes also suffering from TBTW syndrome – Too Busy to Write…

    What’s the deadline for this contest?

    Will definitely write n post something asap:)
    @All who wrote on TBTC
    I love ur work… Keep writing n inspiring! 🙂

  7. drpratibha says:

    Jago re…we need that call actually
    here is my experience and my perceptions:

  8. Rachna says:

    Great work and great initiative. Please find my entry for the contest:

  9. coolblues says:

    Hello All :

    Good way to reinforce compassion in all of us. Here is my entry for the contest –

  10. Payal says:

    Here is my entry for TBTC!

    Let me know if i need to mail it!


  11. Vyshnavi says:

    Is this contest ended ???
    Not getting the clear info. I guess it’s still in action, posting my entry…

    heres mine :
    Title: The Moment when I recall My Guilt

  12. That one day changed her life and mine forever. A day where I learnt that I could do much more than what I thought I can. ‘That Day in Her Life’ is a real life incident blog which changed my life once and for all. Written from my heart on exactly what happened that day in Bangalore, it will help many people in bringing their best inner selves for the betterment of the society.

    My Post – ‘That Day in Her Life’ –

    Please do read and share !

    Vasanth G.Benjamin
    Founder and Writer
    ‘Gravity of Life Foundation’

  13. Shashi says:

    My entry

    Hope such initiatives makes some difference to the society…

  14. pri says:

    when is the last date for submitting entries?? i hope im not late..

  15. RESHMI says:

    i fell one of the worst problems faced in our country is te resevation system …..and here is my post for thi sattempt of bloggadd to wake up the indian in us..

  16. Partha says:

    Dear admin,Is this contest over?

  17. Hey team…great initiative again. Not sure if this is still on, but still want to share my thoughts with everyone…

  18. sonakshi says:

    We people don’t care to improve our society, We are just dam busy with ourselves that we forget to give back to the society we are taking from. I like the jago re movement started by tata tea. Anyways I admire Ratan tata he is a great man, giving back to our society

  19. Sarosena says:

    This is my entry for the contest, I don’t care if I dont win actually. Writing about it’s actually made me feel better and less ashamed!

  20. Funny Gypsy says:

    Really respect this contest, great idea, provided me much needed impetus to think and write! Thank you for organizing it!

    My entry:
    The Poor Man and His Sick Son


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  3. […] YFS is a people’s movement and open to everyone, the question is how willing are we? *************************************************************************** Aah! Now I have some news to share with you all. I have quit my job, or rather the corporate world itself! Yes ppl, I have decided to go full time with YFS in sometime from now   I always wanted to start some such initiative, but had no idea when I would be doing it.  May be I thought I was too young to leave my nice Corporate job and take the plunge But thanks to Su and Shobhit, who helped me see through myself and realize what would actually make Me, actually ‘Us’ happy.  Must say I thought about many things – my career, all those positions I had dreamt of, that joy of earning my own money – but now I know they mean nothing in front of those smiling faces I get to see at the end of the day. Sounds very lofty I know, but still I wanted to put this down here, because I can come back and see what all I went through before I took the decision. The guilt of not earning for our family gripped me too – silly, no!? Am glad I am over all of it now and we took a collective decision – that makes me happier Su said just one thing on the night of Jan 26th  – ‘When you have the urge, do it. What gives us good sleep at night is not that money we are earning, but the satisfaction that we get out of the fact that we are trying to do our bit for the society’ And that did it – the first thing I did on the 27th morning was to send my resignation mail   Did u know u r my greatest source of strength Su? A senior personality in the field of  ‘Sewa’ while talking to us a few months before, said this one thing: ‘ India will shine in a few years from now. You choose whether you want to be the spectator or the player. Ofcourse, a spectator derives a lot of joy with what he has been seeing too; but a player gets more – that satisfaction is unbeaten!’  Loved it Phew! Am so glad to get it out of my system   Wish me luck and must say all your support and encouragement mattered a lot too   God bless! ETA: Submitting this to the TBTC contest at BlogAdda. […]

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