#AddaTales – ‘The Asteroid Was Hurtling Straight For Earth’

#AddaTales dived into the infinite beyond our planet this Thursday with its prompt-“The Asteroid was hurtling straight towards the Earth”. Our world is just a miniscule part of the outer world, the Universe. While we have unfolded mysteries of our home, a whole world of what lies in the vast darkness is yet unknown, despite explorations. Man, in his quest of discoveries keeps wandering, paving endless new paths. This week at #AddaTales, Twitter explorers wandered into the boundless space, creating new paths, opening secret doors to new revelations. Hop on to our virtual spaceship to traverse the vacuum of enthralling stories by the tweets of our participants as they leave behind the shackles of dimension, traversing the cosmos.

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#AddaTales – ‘The countdown timer on the mysterious machine ticked to 59:59’

This Thursday, time went tick-tock, mysteriously unfolding its course with #AddaTales. This week’s prompt was- ‘The countdown timer on the mysterious machine ticked at 59:59’. Time – isn’t it the only thing that just keeps moving, never looking back, not for anybody, not for even a second? Its course brings the unknown, the unexpected, the untold onto our plane. And the very thought of a countdown is enough to get our heart racing. This week’s #AddaTales prompt kept everyone on their toes as time did its job and unveiled mind boggling stories. Scroll down and you’ll see that we’ve compiled the best collaborative #AddaTales story written in tweets by our participants.

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#AddaTales – ‘The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered’

We turned Thursday all pink with this week’s #AddaTales. This week’s prompt was ‘The pink glove lay on the ground, almost covered’. Pink is such a pretty colour, right? One look at pink and you start feeling calm, soft and happy. The #AddaTales prompt seems to have made everyone happy too, as we got to witness some really impressive and captivating stories. Who knew a simple pink glove could explode into so many story lines? Read our featured #AddaTales story below!

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#AddaTales – ‘The old woman turned and smiled’

Storytelling gets interesting when the inspiration for it is interesting. This week’s #AddaTales was surely that and much more, with equal doses of intrigue, emotion and nostalgia. The timing is perfect as we fast approach Mother’s Day weekend and Twitterati gets into the mood to shower some much needed love on their mother. The story that came from this week’s #AddaTales was more beautiful than we ever imagined, and we’re very happy to share it with you.

mother's day stories

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#AddaTales – ‘After a long break, I sat down to finish my book…’

To get into the zone of writing a book takes a world of effort. And when you’re in that zone, you hope with all your heart that nothing interrupts your thought process. If only that phone stopped buzzing and the door stopped creaking! Another Thursday has rolled in and this week’s #AddaTales prompt was ‘After a long break, I sat down to finish my book. But then…’ And of course, all our wordsmith friends on Twitter wove some story magic with it. Take a look at the winning tale below!

Tweet Story

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#AddaTales – “It was my first jungle safari experience… “

Another Thursday is here and you know what that means, don’t you? Yes, we’re talking about #AddaTales! Going on a jungle safari brings both fear and intrigue to a traveller. Not only are we curious about what the experience will entail, we are also just a tad bit worried for our safety. This week’s #AddaTales prompt was – ‘It was my first jungle safari experience. All my expectations…’ As is expected, our wonderful twitterati busted some thinking muscle and turned this prompt into another one of those cracking #AddaTales! Read on…

Adda Tales

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