Felicity, IIIT Hyderabad’s Annual College Fest 2023

IIIT Hyderabad’s annual college fest, Felicity, is being held between 16th to 18th March, with this edition’s theme being SciFi. The festival is nigh upon them and the campus is bustling with IIITians engaging in the preparations.

Felicity, IIIT Hyderabad’s annual college fest 2023

The Bakul Warehouse works like a well oiled machine post midnight. IIITians, especially freshers and sophomores, grab discarded bits and pieces from around the campus for use in Kalakshetra – literally, a place of arts. Akin to a beehive, there are worker bees endeavoring hours daily (nightly) to make crafts out of the paraphernalia ranging from stuff of science fiction such as Wall-E to simply cool things such as the Chainsaw Man. A queen bee churns out ideas and a legion of drones protects the goods from unruly elements, i.e, IIIT’s beloved canines.

IIIT’s iconic walls covered with images from popular franchises and events are being covered in a fresh cover of paint. They will feature new art such that viewers could take a walk down the memory lane of the previous year.

The Felicity team is divided into logical parts – one of which is the one concerned with corporations and businesses. The lads in the corporate team zealously pursue businesses with the hopes of receiving funding from generous corporations and startups. The design team consists of exceptional artists who work on posters and other means of advertisements for the fest.

Every fest requires its fair share of external artists performing. This is where the hospitality team steps in. They gather intel from the media, invite artists and then progressively give teasers until the very end to maintain an air of mystery. Further, in order to siphon participation from non-IIITians, the outreach team visits other colleges to promote the fest with a phenomenal amount of josh. The dancers are also doing their bit in promotion by organizing flash mobs to perform in public areas.

There exist certain traditions that are unique to IIIT. One such is the party song – a video of merrymaking individuals for comic relief. This, in addition to capturing the fest in its entirety, is shouldered by the videography team.

The Clubs Council plays the roles of mediators, negotiators and organizers of events in the fest. The representatives in the council deal with both the Felicity team and the various clubs in IIIT in order to plan events and workshops for felicity. They work tirelessly to hammer out issues with funding and timelines for all events.

Lastly, the fest is scheduled to open with a bang in the form of Felicity Inaugurals. The cultural center, Srujana, is occupied by bands throughout the day who continuously hone their skills to play music in the event. Further, the Dance Crew has provided mentors to groups of IIITians who wish to dance in the inaugurals.

Felicity will have something for everyone ranging from exploration of cutting-edge projects for the tech aficionados to mind-boggling competitions for the inquisitive types. In the past, the techno-cultural fest has hosted some remarkable bands and artists such as The Local Train and Arjun Kanungo in addition to comics such as Biswa Kalyan Rath.

The determination and perseverance in undertaking the preparations are testament to this year’s edition being truly extraordinary. It will indeed be a festival of euphoria with the exciting lineup of cultural programs, workshops, comedy and EDM nights hosted by IIITians and renowned artists.

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