MAKEATHON 4.0 – Hackathon Of Thapar Institute Of Engineering And Technology By MLSC

MLSC opens registration for MAKEATHON 4.0, with the event panning out across the globe from 5th to 6th March, 2022. Microsoft Learn Student Chapter, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala, believes that youth encompassed with appropriate technology holds the potential to revolutionize the world we perceive today. They have done a fair share in this domain through multiple events organized over the years. Amongst all the events that have found a shade under the organization of MLSC, MAKEATHON stands proud as MLSC’s flagship event.

Held every year and celebrating its fourth presence around this time, MAKEATHON has indeed proved to be the avant-garde of Hackathons amongst all of North India. With the success of its past three predecessors, MAKEATHON is assuredly one of the most renowned Hackathons of Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology. This year, continuing its indomitable legacy, MAKEATHON is back. Adding on to the charm this time, MAKEATHON 4.0 is sponsored by Major League Hacking (MLH), the official student hackathon league.

Like every year, MAKEATHON 4.0 comes with challenges to stimulate students’ technical capabilities and take them through an unhackneyed journey altogether. The purpose of MAKEATHON 4.0 is to bring forth India’s most proficient and skillful youth developers under one roof. Students work in teams and put their creative and innovative minds to the test. The challenges question their mettle and allow them to fabricate a working prototype of an innovative project that will focus on solving several grievous issues plaguing our society. The students get to pick from several problem statements. The aim is to portray the vision of a technically sound and advanced India and cultivate India as a prominent world leader in wealth, health, and technology.

On top of that, the Hackathon will be preceded by a boot camp. The boot camp gives the participants an idea of how to tackle issues with the guidance of expert developers a week before their 24-hour journey unravels.

With the records of having a footfall of 1000+ and an expected 1800+ this year, MAKEATHON envisions giving budding developers a robust platform and drawing in a vast number of motivated participants. With registrations underway, MLSC welcomes students from every corner of India to compete and find their place in this awaited event.

To register, follow this link and begin your MAKEATHON journey:

The registrations take place through Devfolio. Move ahead to learn with like-minded people because knowledge is at its best only when shared. Grab your seats and let the marathon begin!

MAKEATHON 4.0 marks the fourth consecutive Hackathon organized by the Microsoft Student Learn Chapter at Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, Patiala. MLSC is an eminent technical society with like-minded and driven individuals striving to create a community of versatile enthusiasts and motivate its students to refine their critical thinking, coding, and soft skills. Follow MLSC on their various media platforms to stay updated on all their events and happenings at

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