Kshitij – KTJ 2020 – Techno Managment Fest – IIT Kharagpur

Kshitij, also called KTJ, is the annual techno-management festival of one of India’s premier technical institutions, the IIT Kharagpur. Kshitij’s journey started in 2004, with the aim to provide the technically inclined youth’s generation a national-level platform, where they can show their talents and expertise and would be recognized and rewarded. The Seventeenth release of Kshitij aka KTJ 2020, is scheduled from 17th to 19th January 2020.

Kshitij - KTJ 2020 - Techno Managment Fest - IIT Kharagpur

Kshitij arranges a wide scope of occasions including each kind of innovation and the executives with the target to implant a logical and creative personality in the youthful minds. World-prestigious associations like ACM, IEEE, ASME, ASHRAE, and IMechE support Kshitij’s aim and ensure various occasions of the fest. To address issues tormenting our general public, Kshitij attempts social activities in relationship with the various NGOs of the country. Workshops are directed everywhere throughout the nation to enable the members to pick up a hands-on understanding and upgrade their specialized abilities. Kshitij additionally arranges robotix events, workshops, visitor addresses, displays, and mega shows.

Flagship Events of Kshitij (KTJ)

Laws of Motion: It is a flying aircraft designing and creation event felicitated by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers IMechE. It is a standout amongst the most celebrated events of Kshitij, which gets interests from students everywhere throughout the nation.

Eureka: Paper presentation competition, certified by IEEE.

Overnite: The ACM ICPC multi-commonplace programming challenge is guaranteed by ACM, the world’s biggest and most renowned logical and instructive processing society.

Embetronix: It is an inserted hardware circuit plan rivalry spread more than two rounds.

Robowars: Build a robot and inspire it in the field to battle and win from different robots.

Relic Hunter: An online treasure hunting game requiring analytical skills to solve tricky questions to get to the next clues in the ultimate quest for treasure. Based on Harry Potter.

Code-O-Soccer: A simulation-based strategic coding event which provides you with a perfect platform to solve a strategy based creative problem using your coding and strategic.

Sand Rover: Participants had an opportunity to build up an all-terrain bot and show their technical skills, where the wheels are bound to surf over uneven contours with minimum spillage of sand in sandrover. In this participant have to discharge their bots through challenging obstacles pushing it to extreme limits while the clock ticks.

Registrations has been started (ktj.in/register). Members of BlogAdda interested to attend write to us at bavity@blogadda.com

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