Impressions 2019 – College of Engineering, Pune

Over the years, the College of Engineering, Pune has made its mark on the cultural landscape of the entire country with its spectacular performance in various fests. The year 2016 marked the inception of COEP’s very own cultural fest “Impressions”. Impressions 2019 is an idea to provide artists with a platform so diverse, that their creativity has a thousand ways to portray itself. Over the three editions so far, this promise has been kept.

Impressions 2019 - College of Engineering, Pune

Impressions, a solely student-organized fest has been making an impact since its commencement of various artists throughout the country. Impressions becoming popular with time, the footfall has raised over 9000 people attending the fest. This fest bestows a chance to understand yourself better through your imagination sketched on that blank paper. It provides a stage for all the adrift artists in their journey of discovering themselves. A platform that makes you think out of the box, thus enabling you to step into someone else’s perspective of art. Thereby, introducing this year’s theme “Into the artverse”.

Impressions ’19 introduces 22 events from 6 different modules, aiming to touch a multitude of art forms. The modules named as ‘Chitra’, ‘Camera’, ‘Abhinay’, ‘Nritya’, ‘Sangeet’ with a newly introduced module ‘shout out’, each with diverse artistic competent. Each event, motivating the crowd to bring forth their passions, thus helping discover miscellaneous talent into the daylight.

About the events: The module Chitra comprises of the following events: Strokes In Blinks, Doodly -Doo, Tee Two One Sold!, Wrap In Scrap. Camera comprises of the following events: Free Lenser( Offline), Box office, Pic-a-tale. The module Abhinay comprises of the following events: Suno Suno, Limelight, Artiskit. Nritya comprises of the following events: So Duet, Street Forward, Swa(G)desi, Folksy Classic. The module Sangeet comprises of the following events: Saavni , High current, Poona-5 , Battle of DJs, Stay Tuned. Shout Out comprises of the following events: Slam Punk, Tale-Teller, Comiking.

Pro shows: Inauguration by Swapnil Joshi. Irshaad by Vaibhav Joshi and Sandeep Khare. Standup show by Shreevallabh Bhatt and many other exciting Pro shows by such extraordinary artists.

In Impressions’19, you will hear the sea of footsteps the loudest rhythm, the heartbeats of joy and excitement, a wave of bliss, this time taking you into the art verse. A land beyond the imagination, a place is hidden in all of us waiting to be unveiled. Hop on this ride with team Impressions’19 because “there is an artist in all of us”.

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