Ranbhoomi 2019 – IIM Indore

As the world gets ready to welcome the year 2019 and with so much happening this year from elections to new movie releases, here is the latest edition of Central India’s biggest sports fest, Ranbhoomi 2019. This year Ranbhoomi aims to increase the level a notch higher and spice things up with more events with a promise that it will be wonderful.

Ranbhoomi 2019 - IIM Indore

The three-day event that commences on 18th January holds an exciting range of sporting events which range from the crowd pleasing Cricket, Basketball, Football and Volleyball to the unconventional including Strongman events and even Arm-wrestling! There is something for everyone and with an estimated footfall in thousands it would be a truly fulfilling experience for everyone.

For those who do not wish to participate in the heavy-duty sporting events Ranbhoomi has light and fun informal events like Zorbing and many other enthralling games. And, for people who love to stretch their minds there is also Chess, which would be great fun for the aficionados of the game. Akin to the previous year, they continue their work towards promoting gender-equality in the field of sports and have been committed to promote more participation of women in all sporting events including their own.

Taking the efforts forward, Ranbhoomi has introduced the “Bridging the Gap” programme. With this programme all the proceeds of Ranbhoomi would be used in the professional training of a deserving sportsperson who is unable to afford it, for a whole year. Also, at Ranbhoomi ’19, cash prizes worth Rs. 2,85,000 would be given away, as they would like to treat the winners with respect by rewarding them handsomely! There is a lot to do and experience in Ranbhoomi this year, so join in, play hard and walk away with laurels.

For more details, visit http://ranbhoomi.com/
Bloggers interested to attend, do write to us at bavity@blogadda.com

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