WOW: 30 Things That Make You Happy

Hello Friends. If someone has to ask you your favourite food, how quickly will you answer that? And then, the score of a particular subject in your pre-primary examinations? Quick? Nah. We mostly remember things that make us happy and wish that we can do that often.

WOW: 30 Things That Make You Happy

There are several things that make a person happy. They could be very simple  like ensuring a clean desk to something big like getting into a company that you always wanted to or even bigger like being able to take a real long vacation to travel. How about noting these down?

For this edition of WOW, we want you to blog about ‘30 Things That Make You Happy‘. We chose this prompt so that we all take a small break from our busy lives and reflect about what actually makes us happy. While you note these down, do ensure that you consider all five senses. Something that will appeal to all the five senses that we are gifted with! These could be very small things or larger. Do share them all with us.

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