WOW: Conversation With God

How many minutes of conversation you have on the phone during the day? We all have a lot of contacts saved, but maybe talk with only about 10% on a daily/weekly basis. Now, think for a moment and let us know – how many conversations we actually look forward to and something that we enjoy?

WOW: Conversation With God

Can you share the number? What happens when you are dialing someone else but the line opens up to God?

For this edition of WOW, we want you to share your ‘Conversation With God‘. Imagine you calling up someone else and a new line of communication opens up with God! Have you ever thought about such an opportunity? It has to be a conversation and not just asking questions with the most powerful one. Do write about how will your conversation start, what all would you talk about and what happens before the conversation ends? Do share everything with us. 🙂

Remember, you’ve time till Sunday midnight to share your post and win a chance to proudly display the WOW badge on your blog.

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  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post in the winning post list for this weekend’s WOW contest.This was my first entry to Blogadda which makes this listing even more special.

    However , how to get HTML code of the WOW badge thus won , so as to incorporate same into my blog’s Widgets ? Please guide

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