Tangy Tuesday Picks- 22nd August, 2017

A good life is made of good books, good friends and good food. handpicked indian blogs readDon’t you agree? In this edition of Tangy Tuesdays we put together a list of blogs on food and tasty recipes. Do go through the list and tell us how you liked it.

Who: Chitra Sendhil
What: Easy Kalakand Recipe With Condensed Milk
Tangy: Kalakand, the Indian milk cake, is one of the popular dessert dishes in Northern states of India. Chitra gives us a quick and easy recipe to make this delicious sweet at home in less than fifteen minutes. Put on your chef’s hat and hop on to her blog to read the recipe in detail.

Who: Jahid Akhtar
What: Ambur Mutton Biryani
Tangy: We’ve all heard of the Hyderabadi Biryani, but there are other variations of the rice dish that are equally mouth-watering. Jahid, in his blog, talks about the origin of the Ambur Biryani with its origins in Tamil Nadu. Check out his blog for the recipe.

Who: Anindya Basu
What: Bedmi Poori as a Sunday breakfast
Tangy: If you’re visiting Delhi and are on a hunt to taste the best foods the city has to offer, don’t miss its Bedmi Poori. Complete with irresistible pictures, this post by Anindya is sure to tantalise your tastebuds. Thank god, there is a recipe at the end of the post for us to try out!

Who: Shabdabeej
What: Peanuts benefits in Hindi
Tangy: If you thought peanuts were only meant for snacking and do not have much nutritional value, think again. This post lists 12 benefits of eating peanuts which include keeping cholestrol in check, prevention from osteoporosis and a lot more. Hop on to the Shabdabeej blog to know more.

Who: Monika Patel
What: Apple walnut mini bran loaf cake
Tangy: Apples come to the rescue when you run out of flour. That is what happened with her when she was baking a plain pound cake for Rakhi festival says blogger Monika. But her kitchen had other plans.  Read on to know more and try out her recipe for a healthy dessert option.

Who: Rafeeda AR
What: Apple Pista Milkshake
Tangy: And while we are on apples, here is another combination that you don’t see or cook very often. Apple and pistachio put together can only be full of goodness, we are sure. Check out the procedure and recipe on Rafeeda’s blog right away.

Who: Deepa Gandhi
What: 10 healthy and yummy recipes for kids
Tangy: Lastly, we are leaving you with 10 healthy and yummy recipes for kids. A respite for most parents of fussy eaters, this list has everything right from burritos to oats pancake. You will certainly find something that your kid loves. Check out her blog to know more.

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