Spicy Saturday Picks- 19th August, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! We are back with our cherry picked list of blogs, this time the theme is about well-being and health.spicy saturday blogs india We all know nurturing our body and mind is very essential. Let’s take a look at what some of our bloggers have to say about it.

Who: Neha Ghosh
What: Do weekends and holidays make you sick?
Spicy: If you’re stressed out at work, you may be suffering from ‘leisure sickness’. Fitness and health blogger Neha writes about this condition and tells us why exactly this occurs. Intrigued? Hop on to her blog to know more.

Who: Protima Tiwary
What: I doubled my food intake to get a well defined core
Spicy: If you thought staying fit and dieting is all about starving yourself, think again. Protima, a blogger with a fabulous journey of transformation, writes about why she almost doubled her food intake and how it helped her.

Who: Dixya
What: How to increase your pace while running
Spicy: Nothing in life comes easy, least of all a fit body. If you’ve taken a liking to running lately, this informative post will tell you how to gradually increase your pace. Read more details on the blog.

Who: Ila Varma
What: I won’t give up
Spicy: Good health does not only limit to physical well-being. It is equally important to have a sound mind too. Ila, in her blog talks about rising rates of depression and suicide rates. Read the entire post to know how you can help someone suffering from suicidal tendencies.

Who: Prashasti Patel
What: Facts on breastfeeding
Spicy: The foundation of a lifetime of good health depends on the early years of ones life. Prashasti, in her series of posts on facts on breastfeeding , writes about the benefits of breastfeeding and how it helps in the long run.

Who: Shalini Jaiswal
What: Management of Heat stroke: Lifestyle and home remedies
Spicy: Thanks to the tropical climate, heat strokes are a common occurrence in our country. Be prepared to face the heat with common kitchen foods. Little did we know that they can be of such great help when it comes to creating a concoction for cure! Read the blog further to know more.

Who: Tanvii Rastogi 
What: How to fight  Blah days
Spicy: It always helps to be productive- be it at work or at home. But some days make you feel really low. Tanvii gives us quick tips to get back on our feet on one of those days when you’re tempted to crawl under a blanket and stay there.

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