Spicy Saturday Picks – 12th August, 2017

Hello bloggers! We are back with a mix of various posts from the Indian blog spicy saturday blogs indiaworld in today’s Spicy Saturday edition. Right from humour to teenage issues, we have it all covered. Go take a look!

Who: Soumya Nambiar
What: Personal stories of Random acts of kindness from the road
Spicy: Let’s start the edition with this post by Soumya where she lists heartwarming stories of her experience as a solo traveler. The generous episodes she writes about are testament to the fact that humanity transcends all boundaries, be it in Jerusalem or Himachal, kindness exists everywhere.

Who: Chandresh Jain
What: Jackie Chan Film Gallery- Sneak Peek
Spicy: We all have seen the martial artist, stuntman and actor Jackie Chan and his epic acrobatic fighting sequence in his movies. Now let’s take a look at the Jackie Chan film gallery in Shanghai, China that Chandresh recently visited. Complete with pictures and review of each section, take a virtual tour of the gallery with him.

Who: Anupama Dalmia
What: It takes a village to raise my child
Spicy: Parenting can sometimes be a lonely journey and as Anupama rightly puts – it does take a village to raise a child. She tells how thankful she is for having a close circle of friends who turned out to be a rock-solid support in bringing up her little one.

Who: Rashmi Raj
What: Could a tide of friendship beat the blue whale?
Spicy: The disturbing news of the death of a teenager rumoured to be a cause of the Blue Whale Challenge has started speculation about how online presence of children can be curbed. Rashmi asks if being friends with our children instead of monitoring every move of theirs can be the answer to face this? Read more on her blog if you agree.

Who: Veena Mishra
What: Top 10 problems of teenagers
Spicy: And while we are the topic of our children, here is a list of ten problems faced by teenagers today. Right from the constant pressure to excel to eating disorders, there is a lot our young adults endure, says Veena in her post. Let’s find out what is troubling our teenagers and be ready with help at hand.

Who: Govind
What: What’s in a name?
Spicy: Our name is our personal identity, a tag that gives us the sense of individuality. Until the time comes for applying for official documents. P R Govindh writes a humourous account of how his name was slaughtered at the hands of government officials while registering himself for identity proof documents. Hop on to his blog to read further.

Who: Shilpa Garg
What: Kabootar Ja Ja Ja
Spicy: If you’re living in a city, you are familiar with the menace pigeons cause in our daily lives. They move into the nook and crannies of our apartments and settle there before we move into our houses. Shilpa, frustrated with their resilience and never-say-go attitude,  writes an open letter to the pigeons asking them to leave her alone and go away- never to come back.

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