Tangy Tuesday Picks: 13th June, 2017

Hello dear bloggers! We know the rain gods are already making you wait longingly so we won’t make you wait that long! handpicked indian blogs readIt’s raining lovely posts worth all your time in the blog world. Here is our weekly curated list of blog posts for you!

Who: Rangan Dutta
What: Margaret’s Deck, Kurseong
Tangy: Set in the hills of Kurseong, Margaret’s Deck is one place you must visit when you plan to go to Darjeeling. It bears the story of a young lady’s love for the tea estate and her unfulfilled desire to come back to it. Shaped like a ship deck, this place boasts of good music, great food and of course excellent tea.

Who: Indrani Ghose
What: Faces of India – 318 from Dantewada, Chattisgarh
Tangy: Simple people from lesser known places seem to teach us a lot more than we can imagine. This post is part of series of ‘Faces of India’ by blogger Indrani where she introduces us to a young school boy who works as a trekking guide in his free time.

Who: Mamta Sharma
What: Killer tips to make your first impression the best
Tangy:  Don’t we all feel those jitters when we are meeting someone for the first time? Be it a job prospect or a date, it makes us nervous. Here are tips by Mamta that you can use to make a good impression the first time.

Who: Jensy Sara George
What: Wonder Woman
Tangy: When a mother goes beyond her call of duty to do everything in her power for her child, she is no less than a wonder woman. This touching post by Jensy is a short story of one such devoted mother. Don’t forget to read the piece that her mother sent her too.

Who: Jeevan Kumar
What: Rubber plantation at Kanyakumari
Tangy: We have all heard of the beauty of tea plantations and backwaters of Kerala, but this post gives a glimpse into the rubber plantations of the region. A post by Jeevan filled with pictures takes you on a knowledge tour of how rubber is sourced and then used for commercial purposes.

Who: Isha
What: From the dusk of childhood to the dawn of survival
Tangy: In the midst of joyous memories of our childhood days, we often forget experiences the less fortunate among us have had. Isha talks about the three most traumatic episodes in history that question our belief in humanity and easy survival which we often take for granted.

Who: Salvwi Prasad
What: We could do better
Tangy: Are our virtual lives wreaking the thread of social fabric that keeps us together? This poem by Salvwi makes you wonder if our relationships are all fake. It is time to look up from the gadgets and say ‘Hi’ to one another in real life.

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